Thursday, March 01, 2012

Thursday Thirteen and ABC Wednesday

Can I combine these two great memes into one? I can, if I come up with 13 words that start with the letter G.

1. great (This is a great list. I can tell already.)
2. Grandma (She's my mom and she broke her wrist on Sunday. I think she's finally starting to feel just a little bit better.)
3. green (I'm looking forward to the grass turning green again.)
4. grass (Can't waste a word now, can we?)
5. gargantuan (I like the sound of that one.)
6. giant ( Kind of like gargantuan, but not so dramatic.)
7. grapes (I like the seedless kind.)
8. geese (There's a whole gaggle out there!)
9. gaggle
10. giraffe ( A very cool animal)
11. gnome ( a word that doesn't sound like G.)
12. guacamole (My Darling just made some. It would have made a very nice ABC Wednesday all on its own.)
13. giggle (that one makes me smile.)

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  1. 13 G words, Great! I hope your Grandma is making a speedy recovery.

    Gigi Ann ABC Wednesday Team

  2. Hey, that worked. Some other letters might be tougher!
    Wish your mom well.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Gee! (there's another one!) I sure hope your grandmother is feeling better by now. And I'd love to share that guacamole with you! Its always great with nacho chips. Have a GGGGGGreat week,

    abcw team

  4. Hello.
    Nice set of G's you came up with.
    Hope your mom is doing better.
    Thanks for sharing.

    garden Of Life

  5. Thanks for this excellent set of H-words!
    Wil, ABC Wednesday Team.

  6. got to love the return of grass. any winter is a long winter.

    "It's easy to cut big chunks from someone else's cheese. " like that proverb.