Saturday, October 21, 2023

Thanks For Joining Me on the Ride

It's been quite the journey so far, a rambling sort of road, crossing sunny fields, through long, dark tunnels and endless forests, and over rocky mountains. Like you, my fellow travelers, I don't know what lies over the next hill or around the curve in the road ahead. More territory has already been covered than I'd ever imagined. There's been expansion along the way, a painful stretching growth. Low lying branches have pulled my hair and scratched my face. My fingers have been bloodied and toes smashed against unseen obstacles. I've tripped over roots, lost a shoe, and ripped my pants, but I can't turn back. Time doesn't allow for restarts. It just keeps tumbling us forward, farther down the road toward the end, wherever that may be.

It's been quite the journey so far, an ambling sort of walk across sunny fields, through fabulously long tunnels, endless enchanted forests, and majestic rocky mountain climbs. Like you, my fellow travelers, I don't know what adventure lies over the next hill or around the curve in the road ahead. More territory has already been covered than I'd ever imagined! There's been expansion along the way, a wonderful stretching growth. Low lying branches have taught me to pull back my hair and protect my face. My fingers have been bloodied and toes smashed against unseen obstacles but I'm much more aware today. I've hopped over roots, danced without shoes, and laughed at ripped pants. I can't turn back but I don't really want to. Time doesn't allow for restarts. It just keeps encouraging us forward to more adventure further down the road. The excitement never ends!

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

I Don't Write Much Anymore

Writing is cathartic. I know this and yet still find it difficult to carve out the time. It's so much easier to listen to a podcast or do an online jigsaw puzzle. Or both. Usually at the same time. 

Writing takes time and effort. When I have the time, I'm often too tired to put in the effort. Mostly I mull over what could be written when I have no access to the internet or my computer.

It feels like yesterday when I was able to sit down and write a blog post every day. Back then we walked the orchards, baked cakes and pies, and raked leaves into gigantic heaps. Toys were strewn across the living room, laughter filled the house, and the school bus stopped at the end of the driveway almost every day... It felt as though life would go on and on like that forever but slowly, little by little life began to change. Quite honestly, life was always changing. I simply wasn't noticing.

My son Dave turned 40 on Sunday. Where have the years gone? October 15, 2006 So much has happened since he was twenty-three... Three of my grandchildren have birthdays in October. In 2006 I didn't have any grandchildren, my parents were living here in this little house, and I was still in awe of the home God had given us, surrounded by apple orchards, blanketed in star studded skies, and filled with family... 

There are still moments when it feels as though I'm living the wrong life, that mine was mistakenly derailed and I landed on one going an entirely different direction, one with a destination of which I am totally unsure.

Sunday, October 08, 2023


Another week has flown by. We had some summer days last week and today late fall has settled in. It was warmer when I went out to church this morning that it was when I headed out again at noon. Definitely heavy sweater weather this afternoon. I wore a sweatshirt under my jean jacket, and though I saw others with summer foot attire, I chose socks and close toed shoes myself. Perhaps summer will return again by the weekend. 

I'd expected to accomplish great things this weekend and was set back by a sinus/migraine headache Saturday. I'd been slacking off on my decongestant and nasal spray so off I went to find some, along with a nap and an afternoon cup of coffee. It seemed to do the trick and I caught up with most of the activities I'd had in mind, including washing all of my laundry and bedding, along with a few more. I have yet to take a woods walk but there is still time for that.

Oh! I just remembered! I was coming back into work from a lunch break last week when my boss said she had a weird question for me. She showed me a picture on her phone and asked, "Is one of these yours?" There was a photograph of three canvas pencil cases with names on them; Martha, Amber, and Megan. They were Christmas gifts from one of the Tot Spot moms three years ago when I was helping open the infant room and doing breaks. 

"Yes," I told her, still wondering where this was going...

"Do you know who made them," she asked. It felt like a trick question and I was still caught a little off guard by the asking. I took a guess that it was the sister of one of the other moms because she has done gifts in more recent years. "You're looking at her," she said, "Jen P---- asked me to make them back when you were taking care of ----."  Ha ha! I knew she and Jen were friends, I'd learned that during my interview, but how funny that I actually have something made by my current boss when I didn't even know. (Now if only I can find it... It's probably somewhere in the attic.)

Wednesday, October 04, 2023

Not Enough Time in the Days

It been a whirlwind of a week! Last Thursday my son and his band had their first official show when they opened for Glass Cannon at the Iron Smoke Distillery in Fairport, NY. They did a phenomenal job and I am looking forward to more music outings in the not too distant future. 

On Friday morning my friend Gail and I took off for a weekend in New Jersey. She had some deliveries to make and some family to see. In the midst of the visits and errands we had some fun. We went out for breakfast and dinner, walked a couple of beaches, collected a few treasures, and I stuck my feet in the ocean. It was entirely fabulous!

I just do not have enough time in my life to work and do all the playing I would like. Ha ha! Who does?