Monday, July 18, 2022

And That's What's Goin' Down

It's one of those weeks where my heart is not at rest. I know the reason, but I haven't yet been able to completely quell the pangs of anxiety that occasionally swell in my chest. I'm not sure the arrows through my heart will ever disappear entirely, or if there is an absolute remedy for ache within. I am grateful for happy, relaxed days that now far outnumber the anxious achy ones that creep up unexpected at predictable times of the year. Better forward planning on my part could likely alleviate some of the angst. Perhaps next year I will remember...

It was a rough afternoon in the baby room. Summers days are not quite as predictable as those of the school year and our routines, if we happen to have any, get thrown into a tizzy. Scrambled routines and infants make for frazzled caregivers. I was more than ready to go home at 3:15 pm. 

Next week will find me playing a new game, which is not a game at all. It is often referred to as "civic duty." Yup, I got a jury summons. It's not the summons one typically thinks of. It is instead a grand jury summons. I'll find out what time to report when I call in next Monday. If I am seated my dates of service run through the month of August. Pretty much three days a week.

It is Hannah's birthday today. She's 27. I'm not sure how that happened because it seems I just posted about her being Sweet Sixteen (almost). Yesterday a few brothers came over and we enjoyed ice cream floats. Today we visited our favorite chiropractor in his new office, and then stopped at Wegmans to find a fancy dessert. I splurged on a cheesecake sampler. :0)

Monday, July 11, 2022

Behind the Times

 Florida, at least a portion, came to visit. Jim and Austin (Number 6) flew into town the morning of June 30. I took a few days off work to play.

Thursday, June 30- Jim and Austin arrived in Rochester at about 9 am, Just in time for coffee and a donut. Or maybe a breakfast sandwich. We had some fun playing mini golf that evening.

Friday, July 1- Orbaker's for lunch and some time at Sodus Point on the Beach. The lake was churning up some seaweed and although Austin didn't go in the water, some of the cousins did.

Saturday, July 2- Hannah and Sergio (with Idris and Kili), Bethany (with Jill and Henry), Jim and Austin (with me) packed a picnic lunch of peanut butter and jelly and headed for Watkins Glen State Park. We were lucky to get parking spots in the same lot (really lucky!). There were four tour buses full of tourists who filled the glen and made the experience unique. 

On the way home we stopped at a little cemetery to leave some flowers on the grave of a much loved friend, to remember him fondly, and shed some tears. He died as a child when my own were children 31 years ago. Much loved and forever missed.

Sunday, July 3- We stayed home, mostly. The guys went to a Red Wings baseball game in the evening. Hannah and I stayed home with Killian.

Monday, July 4- We collected some family, ate pulled pork and cole slaw sandwiches, salt potatoes, and pretzel salad. Later in the afternoon Jim took Austin to a cookout/fireworks display at Dave's house.

Tuesday, July 5- It was forecast to rain, and it did. Jim rearranged his itinerary and took Sabrina up on her offer to meet him at the Strong Museum of Play. Hannah and I stayed home to regroup. 

Wednesday, July 6- Seabreeze Day. A final outing at a longtime Rochester icon. I dropped Jim and Austin off at the gate around 11:30 am and went back home for Hannah, Idris, and Killian. The sky was overcast for a couple of hours, but it didn't rain and the sun eventually won the day. We each got to ride a few rides with and without kids, took turns sitting with those who couldn't or didn't want to ride, and enjoyed the experience. At about 5 pm I restarted the shuttle service and we went back home for a gathering of siblings and cousins with a campfire and s'mores.

I had hoped to get all of my seven in one picture. Everyone was in town, but it was looking like a gathering of all would not happen. (I'd begun taking pictures of myself and each of my kids individually instead...) I had six of my kids and 12 grandchildren in the backyard when Joe came walking through the garage. His coworkers let him take an hour off to be at the house with the rest of his brothers and sisters! Isn't that fabulous?!