Saturday, January 28, 2023

Man Haters Club and Stuff

 It's been an interesting week, which is why I shouldn't go days upon days, and weeks upon weeks without setting my thoughts to words...

Last weekend's excitement was family history and genealogical research. The short version; my sister found one maternal great, great grandmother's maiden name, along with her parents and siblings. She had been previously known as simply "Emma." Now she has a history. ---- I learned that my paternal great grandfather had a step father who died in 1938. Through this we were able to track down his mother, Augusta, and his half sister, Pauline. ---- But the biggest find was an unknown first cousin. The DNA connection twas discovered months ago but the names were unfamiliar and there were few clues to how we were related. While searching old newspapers last week, I found a news article that put the pieces together. Old newspapers are gold. My cousin passed away in 1996, but he left behind several children who are now grown. Pretty wild.

Last night my friend Dan finally made it to our Friday night pottery group, affectionately known as Man Haters Club. He threw a bowl for us and then gave us some pointers in improving our throwing skills. (I took pictures of Julie throwing a pot.) It was a great night and I feel more confident in reclaiming my ability to throw a decent bowl. Julie also invited a guy they met in early December. He mixes his own glazes and it was fun talking to him too. Even Mike, who gave us the moniker, came downstairs a couple of times.

It was a slightly different kind of Friday night, but in a totally good way. Dan, sometimes known as "the chiropractor" seemed pleased to find "there was no (man) hating." It was amusing to find the glaze mixer and a friend of my cousin both knew him from somewhere. The Glaze Guy from the pottery studio, and the friend because she had gone to high school with his daughter. It's a small world, after all...

I accomplished a few things today. Had blood drawn for a fasting blood test (appointment for a physical next Monday), had my car detailed (Yes! It's clean inside!!!), and moved my bed downstairs so we can begin the terribly frightening task of redoing my attic bedroom. It's not a monumental task (tearing out old paneling and insulation, re-insulating, and putting up new paneling) but it's one I can't do alone. It's also one I don't want to leave until summer. Now begins the arduous task of letting go of things and simplifying my life. I do not want to be owned by my possessions. I can do this, even if I did just wish for a coaster when I threw out a stack of them 3 days ago...

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Along the Way


The healing journey is long and incremental. I’ve done a bit of self sabotage along the way, picked up jagged, bloody pieces of my heart, sewn together torn memories, and walked steadfastly toward a new and different life. It isn’t what I’d once imagined… how could I have imagined this?… I didn’t imagine being single, I’m not sure I like being single, and yet with single comes uncomplicated simplicity that I do like. What my heart aches for most is connection, but today’s perception of connection looks vastly different from yesterday’s. I’m not looking for someone with all the answers. I’m not looking for a decision-maker. I’m not looking for control, moral superiority, or scripture quotations. Somewhere there must be another individual with questions, an admission of imperfections, and the ability to accept others who aren’t at the same point on the path. If I have learned anything these past few years it’s that it is okay to ask questions, to revise my perspectives, and to allow others the same privilege. I am so very grateful for those who share this road with me.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

January's Bits and Pieces

 We're almost halfway through January and I haven't posted anything... I wonder if I can remember anything from the past two weeks that is worth remembering?

- I'm staying home from work tomorrow. I didn't feel well yesterday, and I feel rather yucky today as well. Yesterday's I had body aches, today I can't shake a headache. I took a nap on my break. Drove my car down to the park, pulled the hood of my winter jacket up over my head, and went to sleep.

- I've built a few slab mugs at my pottery group (Man Hater's Club). Our new slab roller is quite fabulous! I also sat at the wheel a couple of weeks ago and threw a few bowls. Maybe they will be dry enough to trim tomorrow night, providing I feel well enough to go out in the evening.

- Today is Killian's birthday. Number 15 is two! Party on Sunday. 

- Wesley's birthday was January 1. Number 10 is now six! We had a fun little gathering in his honor on New Years Day with French toast and cake. Talk about sugar overload. Ha ha!

- My own Joe also had a birthday this month. Bethany thought is imperative to throw him a Halfway to 70 Party and so there was a gathering for him this past Sunday. That's right. Sunday's in January were made for birthday parties.

- Work has been going along. Sometimes it's exhausting, but it's almost always rewarding. The babies I started with in September are growing up, and I have a new baby coming on Mondays and Tuesdays. She is just 3 months old. Back to the beginning all over again... No wonder I'm tired. Ha ha!

- I had a lovely visit with my sister Priscilla on Saturday. We walked down to Main St for lunch at Simply Crepes where we shared an order of exquisite brussel sprouts and a Monte Crepe'O. It was absolutely fabulous!