Sunday, November 28, 2021

It's Been Two Weeks

Two weeks between posts. There's sure to be something left out that I'll one day wish I'd put in, but today I'm not sure what that will be...

* Second counseling session with my son went better than the first which was two weeks prior. I'll just say I wasn't as mentally prepared for the first as I may have been for the second. Being a mom is hard some days.

* We celebrated Thanksgiving last Sunday with a dash of Covid. Several family members are ill but none seriously. Not everyone contracted the illness in the same place as not everyone was here on Sunday. Most family members are not vaccinated. (It's still their choice.) I have tested negative and am free to travel about as long as I don't test positive or develop symptoms. Being vaccinated does have its perks for the moment, but nothing makes sense and everything is weird.

* It is not totally possible to avoid my family members in a tiny ranch with no basement. We share a galley kitchen and one small bathroom. When I first moved here four years ago, I self isolated in my attic bedroom. It's still a nice place to retreat, but it's lonely and socially unhealthy. However, we are formulating a plan because three weeks is a very long time for a small child to be kept home from school. (He tested negative.)

* I finally dragged my tiny Christmas tree out of the attic yesterday. I am way late setting it up. It is a bright and cheery spot in my little bedroom.

Sunday, November 14, 2021

The Days are Just Packed

It was a good week, a busy week, and an emotional week. My grandson helped remove the license plate from the back of my old car Tuesday evening. I think he used a grinder to take the rusted heads off the screws. I drove home without any plates on my car... Picked up my new ride Wednesday evening. Love it! I am now officially an adult.

Minnesota made the long drive to Florida this week. They were sick, homeless, and stressed out but they made it safely. I was blessed to be updated by my sweet son along the way. God knows I whispered many prayers for them along the way. I suppose at some point they will become "Florida" instead of "Minnesota", but not yet. I need to give that some time.

Yesterday afternoon I went to watch a movie with two friends. We drove to the opposite side of Rochester to see "The Most Reluctant Convert: The Untold Story of CS Lewis. Loved it. Very thought provoking and relevant to things I've been pondering. I went with no expectations, which turned out to be good because I was not at all disappointed. Maybe I'll even go see it again.

 My friends and I went out to eat following the movie. There was a Jeremiah's Tavern just across the street and it was perfect. I jumped outside of my usual box and ordered the Chicken and Biscuits which was loaded up with carrots, celery, and onions. Comfort food. Just what I needed.

On the way home Chris and I stopped at the pottery studio to pick up my pieces from my last class. There should have been seven, but I could only find six. I'm still missing a red one and will have to go back and look again another time.

This morning I chanced to meet an old friend at church. She'd been invited to sit with us by another friend who didn't realize we were already acquainted. This friend and I talked for quite a while after the service, sharing hearts, praying together, and finally walking out to the parking lot where we stood in a brisk wind and talked a little more. I told her I'd bought a new-to-me-car and how God always takes care of me, but when I pushed the button on my key and the lights on my new car flashed, she looked surprised. "Is that your new car?" she asked. Turns out she has the same make and model in the same color! "We're twins!" I told her. ha ha! God really does have a sense of humor.

Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Bits and Pieces

* It's been a stressful week. By week I mean since my last post.

* Wednesday. I met one of my kids at the therapist's office. Absolutely overwhelming. It took a few days to process all the emotions and settle my heart and soul.

* It's hard to process thoughts while tending to 3 or 4 babies all day long, but they are good therapy. I miss the other kids, but catch them when I have opportunity. I still get lots of smiles and hugs.

* I went car shopping on Saturday. A friend offered to go along and we actually had fun. I even bought a car. I'm a real grownup now. (I think.)

* On Sunday, after church (Yes, I actually got there this Sunday!) my sister Rachel and I went for a long walk through the woods, around the Webster Recreational Center, and back again. Later I made some chicken noodle soup, and took Idris down to the lake for a little while. It was a nice weekend.

* Yesterday I was stressed at work. Lots on my mind 

* My Minnesota family is struggling. They're moving to Florida, closing on their house, and dealing with sickness, movers, and lots of unknowns. It's so hard when all I can do is pray. It's not nothing, but sometimes it feels like nothing... They start the long drive tomorrow. Please pray for health and safety, for peace and rest, and for the transition to a completely new environment. And thank you. This mom appreciates it ever so much.

Tuesday, November 02, 2021

The Car Saga

My car is still at the shop. It appears to need a new catalytic converter. The parts on either side have already been replaced... It's the converter itself that is pricey and he's had no luck locating an aftermarket part. There are aftermarket brands but nobody can get one. The only choice appears to be ordering from the dealer. It will take about four days to get here and cost two grand. And that's just the part. *Ouch!* Thankfully, I do know how to save money. I just never get to keep it.

I still have to give my mechanic an answer on whether to order the part and do the work...