Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Bits and Pieces

 More bits and pieces because I always run short on time to blog...

* It's my last week with Bennett and Mara. On Monday I leave the Waddler Room and go back to my Infant Room to begin the school year with new babies. Next week will be my last with Damien (I've had him for the summer) and a final week with sweet Olivia who will return for just the last week of August before beginning a new daycare. It's rather bittersweet.

* I've been doing some soul searching recently. Digging deep into my own heart and mind, untangling experiences and emotions, and attempting to settle a bit of angst. All is well and God is good whether life turns out the way we want it to or not. Somehow, even though it seems otherwise, He is still on the Throne.

* I'm tossing vacation possibilities about in my mind... Ocean City, Maryland and Maryville, Tennessee are two hopeful future vacation destinations. One had been on my bucket list for 44 years now. I'm sure Ocean City is completely different today than it was back when I was 14, and I won't be going with the blond haired, brown eyed boy who suggested it, but it's still on my list.

* I met my friend Gail for dinner this evening. She had chicken wings and I ordered a bacon cheeseburger. I got some kind of chicken sandwich instead... They were all apologies about the mix up and gave me my original order free of charge. I must go back again sometime in the near future. It was a nice little place and I really don't mind paying for a meal.

Friday, August 12, 2022

Big Kids

Last Friday afternoon, while my little ones were asleep, my boss poked her head in my Infant Room and asked if I wouldn't mind spending Monday in the "Waddler Room" with my three babies. I agreed, thinking she was simply asking Monday. In reality, she was asking for the entire week, and maybe the next couple. 

Although moving my babies to the next classroom has been expected and inevitable, my heart hasn't had time to prepare. Monday and Tuesday found me completely overwhelmed and out of sorts. I was thrown entirely off kilter. However, my babies have found the "big kid" room to be quite alluring. There are different toys, a big kid table and chairs, and they even go outside to the playground!

It's been quite the week. I am so proud of these three. M learned to wear her shoes and walk in them. She's been sitting at the table for her meals and sleeping on a cot! She hollers and squeals with delight when we go outside to play. She is going to do great as long as she can do it without me. (It hurts my heart when I have to leave and she cries...)

B has been fabulous too. She has already spent time in this class when we have had an extra baby in the Infant Rooms. She knows the drill and is very self confident.

D has been amazing! He will be 16 months old by the end of August, but he is tiny and doesn't walk just yet. In one week's time I have seem him grow by leaps and bounds. He's pulling himself up and very slowly taking steps along the furniture, occasionally sitting in a regular chair, and wanting a sippy cup instead of a bottle. Today he scooted himself all the way down the hill to the edge of the playground where he hoisted himself over the board edge and into the wood chips. He's going to be okay.

Maybe I'll be okay too...

Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Um... It's August...

So much for bring the blog back to life. It's not that nothing happens, it's just that I'm either too tired to write anything, or it's too nice out to be sitting in front of the computer. (Or I remember that I haven't finished that online course that I started... Still working, very slowly, on that Child Development Associate.) 

I've not yet had to report for Grand Jury Duty.I call the court again tomorrow evening to find out if anything has changed. Tonight I'm hoping to slide through without ever having to go in... I'm really tired now