Wednesday, April 20, 2022


Today was better. Although it was definitely cold when I woke up, there was no snow on the ground and best of all, no frost on my windshield. It actually warmed up to some pleasant temperatures and the sun came out for the entire day. It was glorious! By the time I went to my therapist appointment this afternoon, I was feeling much more optimistic than yesterday, or even the entire month of April. 

We were short on babies today. Three of my four were absent and one from the second infant room was out as well. I spent the day in the the other room and took care of the four we did have. It was a good day, just a little different from the usual. Tomorrow I'm expecting three of my own and things should be almost back to normal.

My people have been gone this week, but I've managed to keep myself busy. I met my friend Gail for dinner on Monday, went to my sister's house last night, and stopped to see another friend on my way home tonight. By tomorrow evening everyone should be back home and in their own beds again. I think Pip, the cat, will be glad to see his boys. I will too.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Something Sharable

 Multiple attempts to write something sharable...

I heard recently that PTSD shuts down thinking your brain and your brain can actually change on a physical level. Writing is one thing that helps the traumatized brain to heal. So... yeah.

I am very much looking forward to warm, sunny weather and healing walks through the woods, evenings at the lake, and flowers. If gasoline doesn't get any more expensive, I'm looking forward to a drive somewhere, a vacation of some kind, but I don't know where.

This past week saw me attending two memorial services. I drove and hour and a half to find my friend Lorrie whose sweet mom "graduated" the previous weekend. Yesterday I drove to Williamson for the service remembering my friend Sandy's ex husband. I'm still processing the second... Last night was a birthday party for my little grandson Henry who turned two on April 13. I am still processing last night as well. Today was Easter. I planned to find my friend Laura at her church but ultimately ended up watching the live service online. Not a story to tell here. Suffice it to say there are many emotions coursing through my veins. I am a little exhausted. 

Long weekends are for catching up with life and getting extra sleep, but I think I do better with that waking up at 5 am and going to to work. Next time it will be a real vacation.


Tuesday, April 05, 2022

A Few Bits and Pieces

 * Last week was Cannoli Week. It started with me finding International Delight Vanilla Cannoli Creme Latte Creamer. (I bought two bottles.) My cousin Karen brought cannoli chips and dip to our Friday night potter group (also known as Man Haters Club), and on Saturday I had coffee with a friend and she offered me a mini cannoli. Voila! Cannoli Week!!!

* It was a Sandy Weekend. Friday night my cousin Sandy was at pottery. On Saturday I had coffee (and a mini cannoli) with my friend Sandi C. Sunday morning I sat with my friend Sandy R. at church. Last night (Monday) a few friends and I had dinner at Sandy P's house. Voila! Sandy Weekend!!!

* Three Strikes and You're Out! It was cute and funny once, but the third time is just downright annoying. The most convenient space to place the box of tissues is also the most inconvenient. I've purposed to make sure it is out of reach when the girls go down for a nap. Today was the third time my friend Bennett filled her crib with clean tissues. The first time I folded them and tucked them into a clean box. (Photo is from the first time.) The second time, feeling rather flustered, I threw them in the trash. Today I was not so very patient. I scolded her with several "no's!" as I grabbed the tissues that surrounded her. Ugh. She cried and I once again folded the clean tissues. They are now in a more convenient inconvenient spot.

* I've been feeling flustered and frustrated lately. Prayers would be appreciated. (Thank you so much.)