Sunday, June 09, 2019

Joy and Sorrow

Yesterday morning the world was blessed by the arrival of our newest grandson, Logan Andrew. He weighed a whopping five pounds and made a quick entry. ... or is that exit? Either way it took all of two pushes and there he was. Of course I was in Pennsylvania then. Today I went to meet the little guy who is having a little trouble regulating his glucose levels. He was wrapped up like a bean burrito and looking like a china doll. Oh, so tiny!

Last evening we received the devastating news of our Texas nephew's sudden passing. Life is far too short already, and to lose someone so young and full of life only makes the loss all the more excruciating. Prayers for his family are much appreciated. Tonight I wish all the more that Texas was not so very far away...


  1. ...great new and sad news.

  2. Oh Martha, I'm so sorry for that loss. Too many miles make the heart ache that much more. Praying for you and all of the family.
    What a sweet little peanut you have there. Praying for Logan's glucose levels to regulate and that he will grow strong and keep his tender side too.

  3. There are two guarantees in this and death. With new life comes death. Sadly, sometimes the end comes far to close to the beginning, and those close to them have to figure out how to live their lives without. It is a somber time for sure, but we must find pleasure in those little joys (especially the little 5lb ones who get to start the world anew). Death will come to us all at some point; we just have to make sure we are living the best life possible so that when the end comes, our loved ones will remember the joy we brought to their lives. We must live life with strong hearts, much joy, tons of love, and no regrets! Jonathan will be greatly missed and never forgotten, but my time to grieve will be short because he would have wanted me to live my life fully and without heartache...I will live my best life for him.

    1. I wish I had gotten to know him as an adult. He was about 14 when he came with your mom and dad for Dave and Leta's wedding. I see him best as a little guy running down the road from school and jumping into your mother's arms.

      I hope you all know how much I love you. I want so very much to be there.

  4. I join you in the praises of new life, and the hurt and pain of death and loss. Jesus said I am the resurrection and the life....It's hope for the hopeless. Saying prayers. Love and Hugs.