Monday, August 17, 2009

The Beach

We are not beach babies and seldom don bathing suits when headed to the lake. Such was the case yesterday when I took Ben, Hannah, and a friend out to Fair Haven. Beating the heat was the name of the game and the beach was filled with folks looking to soak up some sun and water.

We walked along the water's edge, cooling our toes and letting the waves lap at the hem of our shorts. I had the urge to venture deeper, but thought better of it with a camera in hand. Instead I walked the beach looking for interesting pictures and found there was no shortage of material. Not too many people were paying attention and I tried not to be too obnoxious.

Castles graced the shoreline, complete with turrets, flags, and feathers, and toys and other belongings were scattered in the sand; buckets, shovels, trucks, shoes and towels. Stones pinched my bare feet but the sand was smooth and soft. There were bodies everywhere; big and small, tattooed and tanned, pierced and plain. Some people enjoyed the sun fully clothed and others were scantily clad.

Some people unknowingly brought a smile to my face yesterday... (like this somewhat large woman sitting astride a young man. He's wasn't going anywhere and I joked to the kids that he was being "flattened". One just never knows who will be watching and take your picture when you least expect it. I really do try to be kind most of the time, but sometimes just can't resist the opportunity. This was one of those times. Do you think people pay attention to photographers on the beach?)

...and other pictures made me smile today as I went through the photos. (I cropped this man out of a larger picture of the beach. I took a few photos of the trucks later as we walked back toward the van but hadn't noticed this until I was editing this morning. I suppose he has grandchildren playing in the water or maybe Grandma was using his beach chair. Either way his new found seat doesn't look very comfortable and I'm pretty sure he didn't sit there for long.)

I think it's the colors that really catch my eye. The beach was full of bright and happy colors; people, umbrellas, chairs, towels, and toys. Nothing says summer quite like a trip to the beach.


  1. That man sitting on the truck reminds me of Josh and all the other little boys at daycare, who ride their trucks the same way! It's good for a laugh. :)

  2. like that last picture with the two umbrellas that match. I'm amazed at how many people are there.

  3. Aah, the beach...was it cooler there? We were going to go to F. haven on Saturday evening to cool off, but it was too to to even get into the van! We also wondered if it would be cooler there or not...if there is little or no breeze it can be just plain uncomfortable.

  4. I'm not sure it was actually cooler, Della, but the water felt nice on my feet and I needed to get out for a while. And, the picture taking was fun. I want to go back in September when it's not quite so crowded. I like the east beach but someone usually comes by and kicks us out of the water.

  5. Tracy, there were all kinds of beach umbrellas but none of them appeared to be providing much shade. The water, of course, was the main attraction.

  6. True Bloggers are always "on duty" with their cameras.

    I never remember to take my camera anywhere and even forget that the cell phone can do that.

    Those were fun pictures!


  7. Fun pictures. I feel like I'm spying while looking at them.

  8. I felt like I was spying taking them.

  9. Seems strange to me, I know it's a lake, but you call it a beach. I would expect to smell salt air like a an ocean. Good thing you have it though, fun times and no sun burn!

  10. I understand why "beach" sounds strange to you, Judi, but I looked it up and beach is the proper word. Nothing else quite describes it any better. It is not, however, the "coast". There is a housing development called "Coastal View" and that is just not right. We may live on the shore (of Lake Ontario) but we do not live on the coast. It does sometimes smell like rotting fish and old seaweed. Does that help?

  11. Oh these were classic..... I loved peeking in on these folks.

    I thought for a minute you can caught me ready The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency in the first picture with my purple bathing suit.

    I don't wear bathing suits to the beach.... I wear long skirts....

    Great show.... I would like another one...

    Love and Hugs

  12. Wanda, I'll see what I can do.

  13. oh my...
    now that was entertaining!!

    When I venture to the beach, I am too busy watching my kids to notice anyone. I have been missing a lot. Well, at Seabreeze I get to see a lot... most of it isn't all that pretty. :P

  14. Stacy, when my mother was a child (She's almost 75), he father would sometimes take them to Sea Breeze. He would sit on a bench and "watch the people" while the kids had their fun. Maybe I take after him now that my own don't need so much "watching".

  15. LOL! That photo is quite hilarious! I love the last photo too, those umbrellas are so cool. :)