Friday, February 15, 2019

Calling Hours

Two friends lost their mothers this past week, one last Saturday, the other Monday morning. One mom was 93, the other just 67. Goodbyes are never easy, no matter how expected the passing.

On Thursday evening I drove out to Williamson to find my friend Sandy and offer my condolences. As expected, I found other friends as well. I had hoped perhaps Sandy's cousin Wendy might be there. She is a longtime friend, but I seldom see her. Wendy and I shared a long hug and decided we need to catch up for coffee some day, along with our mutual friend Angel.

Tonight the funeral home was in Webster. This mom was a neighbor of my parents and lived just a few houses down the street. Her step children were my friends. I don't see these friends often either. Two of them live out of state and I wasn't sure they would be there tonight, but there they were. More hugs, a few stories, and then it was time for me to go.

My mind is tumbling memories...

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Bits and Pieces

* On Sunday afternoon my older younger sister invited me over for dinner. I was so tired when I arrived that I took a pre-dinner nap. Ha ha! Just curled up on the sofa, put my head on my wadded up jacket, and went to sleep. I felt much better afterward. It's nice visiting someone who loves me enough to let me sleep for a bit. Of course, it helps that I've let her take a nap at my house too.

* Yesterday was spaghetti and meatball day at work. It's a favorite with the kids. Somehow I managed to sneak in a batch (or two) of applesauce cake for snack too! Smelled yummy at daycare.

* The babies have had colds and runny noses. I was back in the baby room for the evening, tissues in hand, when I noticed Derek was in need. There was a white booger peeking out of his nose. I wiped/grabbed it and was in for a surprise. It was a piece of spaghetti! Well, just a quarter piece. I broke them in quarters before cooking them for the little ones. (So gross! Ha ha!)

* I went to work a half hour early today on dry, clear roads. I drove home this evening through snow and slush. I think "wintry mix" is right! Powdery snow, sleet, freezing rain... I even heard some people got hail. Ah, nothing is unheard of and anything is possible. Can't wait to see what tomorrow morning looks like.

(The photos are old. That's my Number One grandchild a few years back.)

Saturday, February 09, 2019

The Barn Collective

So many memories...

I don't get "home" often these days and photos can either conjure up sweet memories or leave me with a catch in my throat... Sometimes I wonder why God fashioned me to be such a sappy, nostalgic individual. I soak it all in; the sights, the sounds, the feelings, ... and they drip out when the sponge that is my mind gets waterlogged.

Come over to Tom's place and check out some more fine structures.

Friday, February 08, 2019

Pottery People and A Sleepover or Two

My oldest daughter has been out of town so her three children spent a bit of the week with Aunt Hannah. I'd intended to spend a few evening enjoying my grandkids after work, but it turned out to be a rather busy week. A staff meeting on Tuesday and the Thrsday evening invitation to dinner from a CoDA friend, took me out the two evenings I would have been home. (Strange how that works...)

I made a quick pottery studio stop on Wednesday evening to look for my boxes. I didn't find any finished, but did find something else, a sculpture I'd made and tried to fire at home back in 2005. It hadn't finished firing and the glaze was dry and cracked like sun-baked mud. I left it on the bisque shelf a week or so ago, along with a note asking if they could refire it for me. I had no idea what to expect, but hoped for the best. I was pleased to see the glaze had melted in the second firing. It made me smile.

I got home that night just before the kids headed off to bed and was rewarded with the opportunity to read my granddaughter a few stories before she went to sleep. I read the stories, she said a little prayer, and I laid down next to her for a little bit. When I attempted to leave, she started to cry. I know at home she very often climbs into bed with her mommy, and I knew she was missing her, so I put my head back down and settled in for the night. Once or twice she woke up with a cry, noticed I was still there, and went back to sleep. Last night I grabbed my pillow and we had another sleepover. I don't think she woke up at all during the night and I slept too. It was a good slumber party. Maybe we'll do it again someday. :0)

Tuesday, February 05, 2019


There are many mornings when I wake up, pull myself out of bed, and wonder "What in the world am I doing?" Going to work every day still feels foreign, at least until I get there... Sometimes I want to believe the little voice in my head that says, "You have better things to do," but the truth is, I don't. Not really. Yes, there are moments I wish I could be there to help my kids or spend a leisurely day with my grandchildren, but I know there would be far more moments where I wouldn't know what to do with myself. Going to work is good. It is good for me, and it is good for others too. It's where I'm meant to be for this season of life.

We have another new baby at work. I snuggled her for a bit this afternoon, and I snuggled her brother too. I snuggled our old, new baby, and all the other babies too. I popped into the toddler room this morning so the teacher could use the restroom and ended up with four little ones on my lap all at once! (You might wonder where I got the inspiration for a future clay sculpture...) I love these little people! And I love when they love me. They are the perfect medicine for my hurts. God knew they would be a healing balm and that is why He gave me this job.

I dropped my water bottle today, the one Leta gave me for Christmas... It broke and the water inside spilled all over the break room floor. Guess I'll be taking my old one again. It's so hard to drink water in the winter. Coffee tastes so much better in January and February.

Sunday, February 03, 2019

The Barn Collective

I have no idea how old the remnants were when my dad loaded them on his trailer and hauled them from NY's southern tier 80 miles north, but my guess is they were already close to a hundred years old. Dark, with deep weathered grooves and full of character, just the thing to panel our new "country room."

It was the late sixties, several years before it became the in thing to do, and the neighbors were asking "why?" Maybe it was because he'd grown up in and out of his uncles' barns, or maybe because he'd always wanted to be a farmer. I don't really know for sure, but for all except the very early years of my childhood there have been barn beams across the ceiling and barn boards covering the walls of that little room. Dad would add an old wood stove in the mid seventies. So cozy!

We don't use the wood stove anymore (kind of a fire hazard...) and the barn boards make the room dark, but with new carpet it's once again become the favorite room in the house. For my daughter, it's Grandma and Grandpa's house, but for me it's home. Always has been and always will be.

For those who want to know, "Yes, I was brought up in a barn."

Meet me over at Tom's for more of the Barn Collective.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

It Was Cold Today

With school closed due to the arctic wind chill, we had a different kind of day at the center. No more than 31 children showed up, including our school age group. It was a more relaxed atmosphere and I had the rare privilege of going home 45 minutes early.

I've had two "much better than Monday and Tuesday" days. I know deep inside that grief comes in waves, but when it hits I am still overwhelmed. I also know I am not alone in my grief. Perhaps that is the biggest sorrow of all... It is just a part of why my heart is torn. I will be okay, but there will be days of intense pain in the process of getting there. I need to hurt, it's part of the healing, so please forgive me for the times when it bleeds through my writing.

Life is not all pain. There are hundreds of moments each day when I stop to soak in the blessings and remember to be thankful. Each little child, each hug, each smile... our sweet, soft babies, rascally toddlers, rambunctious preschoolers, and surly school age kids... I smile when our babies learn to walk, to talk, and say my name... We have one small child who calls me "Marka." Ha ha! When Sophia wrapped her little arms around my neck and said, "I luf you," my heart melted a little. I love the children, my coworkers, and my boss. I am thankful for my kitchen and the time I get to spend in the classrooms. It's a good place to be.

I am thankful for week days and week ends, for church on Sunday mornings, my step study on Monday nights, and the pottery studio. I am thankful for our counselor, my sisters, and my attic bedroom. I am thankful for my kids, for the cabinetmaker, and for my friends. I am blessed by the blog and my blog friends, and I'm even thankful for Facebook. And right now, I am thankful it isn't yet 11 o'clock and that my teeth are already brushed. I'm ready to turn out the light and go to sleep. Thanks for being there, guys.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Arctic Air Mass and Stuff

The weather was normal on my way to work this morning. Average winter temperature and no snow to speak of. Our after work staff meeting was cancelled and I left work on time for a change. The temperature dropped considerable throughout the day and the wind picked up, cancellations were many, but the drive home was uneventful.

I'd already been home for an hour when Hannah realized she'd forgotten about Joe asking to come over tonight. She'd already eaten dinner, but I hadn't, so I called to see if he still wanted to come. I figured we could grab something together and bring it back to eat. We decided on Wendy's. We went inside instead of using the drive-thru. We had picked up our orders and were about to leave when a small voice called, "Hi!" Three children hurried up to us. I got a hug from Lucas and was pleasantly surprised to find my son and daughter in law in front of me. It was a chance meeting (or divine appointment). They were planning to hit the drive-thru when they spotted my car in the parking lot. We all decided to stay and eat together. Funny thing is I'd been thinking about them on my way home from work earlier. I think God heard me thinking.

My Minnesota son was able to work from home today. He may be all grown up and far away, but when the weather is especially cold and nasty, he's still on my mind. I was blessed to know he was safe at home with his little family. How about that Number Eleven?

PS. It was a much better day. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2019


But first last night. (ha ha!)

Last night I forgot to drink my tea. I left it at the top of my fold-down attic stairway and forgot all about it. I found it in the middle of the night when I got up to use the bathroom. I took it downstairs with me (because why not?) and popped it in the microwave. I retrieved it on the way back through the kitchen and took it upstairs into the darkness. Before climbing into my bed, I set my cup down on the lid of my closed laptop. Just until I straightened the covers. But all was not well. I heard a strange noise and then a thud. Seems I'd left my mouse (because I'm touchpad handicapped) on my computer and the lid was not totally closed. Sadly, my cup slid off and tea was all over my bedroom floor. I probably used up half a box of tissue cleaning it up. After that I was wide awake.

So, today.

* Today I did not get a speeding ticket, thanks to the individual coming toward me on Canandaigua Rd. They flashed their high-beams and I took notice. When I entered the 30 mile an hour zone just down the road, I had already slowed all the way down to 30 mph. Good idea. There was a police car just waiting.

* I was cranky and flustered this morning. It was partly because I was cranky and flustered, and partly because I couldn't leave the baby room to pee. And then later because I couldn't leave the baby room to start my job in the kitchen. But mostly because I was cranky and flustered. I didn't sleep much after spilling my tea on the floor last night, but really I've just been emotional lately. My boss actually stopped in the kitchen to check on me and see if I was alright. I got teary, but felt better afterward. I told her later that I was going to be okay. We all have our days and I have had a few. Maybe I'm done for a while now.

* The remainder of the day was good. I fixed the lunch, cleaned the kitchen, and set out snacks. I snuggled little ones, changed diapers, and played games. I worked an extra half hour and then visited the chiropractor, who did his best to take what felt like a knife out of my right shoulder blade.When that was done, I went to the pottery studio. I wasn't there alone this time and that is good. On the way home I stopped to fill up my gas tank, because I know I won't want to fill it tomorrow. We're going into the deep freeze!

Monday, January 28, 2019

How Am I?

Emotional. That's how I've been feeling. The teary kind of emotional, where I just want to cry. (How's that for honesty?) I'm going to be okay. Really, I am.

All week I look forward to the weekend, and then for half the weekend I wonder what to do and find myself looking forward to Monday. I'm not sure if this is good or bad, but I think it's mostly good. At least I'm not spending half my weekend dreading my return to work... even if I do feel a little overwhelmed when the alarm goes off in the morning.

I had some time to stop at the pottery studio on Saturday and found one of my boxes waiting on the bisque shelf. I took a few minutes to glaze it and am looking forward to seeing the finished result. I put another box in the kiln room for a first firing, rolled some pieces for a new box, and bought another bag of clay. I am finally amassing a collection of something beside bowls. Ha ha!

I had a wonderful visit with my beautiful daughter on Sunday afternoon. (Why, yes! They ARE both beautiful!) It was nice to simply sit and enjoy each other's company. She's going on a trip soon and I can hardly wait until she returns to tell me all about it.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Where am I?

I don't know whose life I am living, but this certainly isn't what I imagined myself doing in my mid fifties. It's possible I may never get used to working 8 hours a day five days a week every week of the year. It seems a strange existence even if I am doing what comes natural, and I am thankful that it does, but it still isn't what I had envisioned...

Last night, after a painful week and much frustration, I made a visit to the chiropractor. I am rarely totally free of pain in my lower back, but today it was noticeably better. I was relieved not to have any restaurant sized cans to wrestle this week, but we do have a new baby in our infant room. He is not quite 11 months old and weighs about 30 pounds. I'm not joking. Lugging him about is an injury waiting to happen, and he's just a baby.

After my chiropractor appointment I went to the pottery studio. I'd desperately wanted to go over the weekend, but the weather did not cooperate with my intentions. I found my little trinket box on the glaze shelf. (I took the picture with the bottom turned around backward.) A music box was waiting on the bisque shelf, and another was patiently waiting to be cut open and finished. And of course, I worked on assembling another box as well. Maybe this weekend, if I acquire some fresh clay, I will take a turn or two on the wheel again.

This evening I got out of work 15 minutes early, filled my gas tank, and came home. My people were here, I washed the dishes, and made a batch of banana bread for my little grandson to enjoy. It was a good night.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Snow Tires and Stuff

Yesterday morning I was entirely thankful for good tires on my vehicle. (I can't remember if they are snow tires or brand new all-season tires, but they are doing a good job in the snow.) All the roads were snow covered and slick. It was so cold that every step I took made a squeaking sound as the snow moved under my feet. It was what I call "booger-freezing weather! I left home while it was still dark out and didn't come home until it was dark again.

Monday night is Step Study night. I am sorting through hard things. Some of it gets written down, but there are also thoughts still swirling, thoughts that haven't yet found a landing place. I'm learning more about me and it's an interesting journey.

Today was a hard day. A cranky day. I felt off and I knew it, but I made it through. It helps to be aware of my feelings and work my way through the day by giving myself room to breathe and admit I'm not always going to be okay every day. I just need to take one day at a time.

This evening I met my son Joe and we went out to Chipotle for a bite to eat. It's nice to catch up with my kids every once in a while. I knew there would come a day when they would go off on their own, I just didn't know how fast it would get here.

I'm expected at work a half hour early tomorrow morning. For some reason that makes me feel like I need to go to sleep earlier. Or maybe I'm really tired and that's why I was feeling cranky today.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Snowy Sunday Snowday

I turned off my alarm clock last night and slept in this morning. Woke up at 7:15 am for a potty break. I may have been awake, but I crawled back into bed to enjoy the moment.

The snow fell fine and thick throughout the night and temperatures were bitter. No snowmen sprung up today. It was too cold. Churches were closed and it was well past noon before many folks ventured out. There were mostly snowplows and police officers when I headed to my sister's house around 1 pm. She wanted to take pictures. We didn't drive far, just down to the bay and back again.

 I had to stop and take a picture on the way into Rachel's neighborhood. The snow was incredible!

The seagulls on the bay were quite certain we had brought something to eat. They were mistaken.

The little beach houses between the bay and Lake Ontario looked shocked by the storm, yet they've weathered many.

These evergreens were dressed in snow, the first wearing the heaviest coat and the last the lightest. 

I went from my sister's house to my daughter's place and had a cup of tea at each. I love the plants on Bethany's window sill, along with the menagerie of containers on the countertop.

 I headed for home just before dark, and the road into the track caught my attention. The snow covered side street took me back in time 40 years ( how is that possible? ...), to a time when my friends and I would go out to school functions on snowy evenings and walk home afterward. It looked very much like this in the late 70's.

And then I was home. Back to the little house I grew up in, the one I now share with a little family of three. I no sooner got in the door than a small boy said, "Play cars, Grammy?"

Saturday, January 19, 2019

A Snow Covered Saturday

I went out to the eye doctor this morning. I hadn't been since 2011, but the doctor and I chatted about our kids, and she asked if my daughter had told me about the time she walked in on Bethany's Norwex demonstration. She said Bethany stopped mid-sentence when she saw her eye doctor but recovered nicely. Dr Weisenreder has been her doctor since she was just a little girl. I left with severely dilated pupils, squinted my way home through the snow, and was thankful the sun wasn't blasting. This afternoon, while my eyes were at half dilation, I took a nap. I did not go to the pottery studio, even though I wanted to.

Life has been different the past two weeks. The Cabinetmaker left for a job in North Carolina nearly two weeks ago. We met for breakfast the day before he left, but I haven't heard from him since. Our second son is with him and I'm sure all is well. It's just different. Different not to hear from him at all.

We are having a snow storm. We are doing this because it is winter in the Great Lakes region and that is how we roll. When I was a young girl my dad went to work in weather like this. Now we have travel advisories. No unnecessary travel. Once I got home, I stayed home, mostly because I had a headache.

Several churches have already cancelled services for tomorrow morning, even places that never used to close. I haven't heard anything about the one I attend, so I'm assuming they haven't cancelled anything yet. Storms have a way of doing their own thing at the last minute, so maybe they're waiting to see how it plays out tonight. (Never mind. They cancelled too.)

Friday, January 18, 2019

Bits and Pieces

I haven't posted all week. I guess that's what happens when life is wild and crazy. Or maybe I just don't always know what I'm thinking...

* Sunday afternoon my friend Laura invited me to dinner. Dinner with a friend is always nice.

* Monday night was my Step Study meeting. I go there directly from work which makes for one very long day, but it's so worth it. Even if it makes me cry.

* Tuesday night... Ah, yes! I got my hair cut and then came home. Sometimes it's nice to come home after work.

* Wednesday. I had an a appointment and then went to the pottery studio. I made a box (Are you surprised?) and I glazed my little box with the upside down character on top. Haven't seen my friend Ginger in a while, but Myong was there taking her first wheel thrown pottery class.

* Thursday I drove out to Williamson after work.I needed to print some papers and my printer here doesn't want to connect with my computer. Then I hurried home because Ben was coming to dinner. We stayed up way too late talking and listening to him tell stories. When he left, Hannah and I stayed up even later. What was I thinking? I had to get up for work this morning.

* Today I came directly home after work. Wait. No, I did not. I lied. I went to get gasoline and then stopped at Wegmans for bread and milk. Ha ha! Not really. I stopped for a few other things, and then I came home and had Cream of Rice and a cup of hot tea for supper. Now I am hunkered down, ready to cover  myself up and go to sleep, except I haven't brushed my teeth yet...

*Tomorrow I will go to the eye doctor and pay a small fortune to have an eye exam. Perhaps I shall pay another small fortune for a pair of spectacles. We shall see. (Ha ha! No pun intended. Sometimes I surprise myself.) And then maybe we'll have ourselves a little snowstorm.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

No Pain, No Gain

I had an appointment with the counselor this morning. I've found myself teary the past few times and today was no exception. Digging deep is painful, but pain brings awareness, and awareness births change. Before I left he asked me what I was going to do today. I told him I didn't know...

While thoughts swirled I ran a couple errands. Bank. Target. I left the shopping center and headed toward the city of Rochester. Pottery Studio. I found my little gymnast box on the bisque shelf and rolled slabs for future boxes. I molded a couple of figures, wrapped them in wet paper towels, put them away and headed out, thoughts still swirling...

On the way to the car I called my friend Laura. (Even calling people stresses me out. It didn't used to, but it does now. She was getting ready to leave home for her grandson's birthday party, but not too busy to chat for a few minutes. When we hung up I called another friend and was surprised by her sudden appearance on the other end of the line.

Angel and I have been friends almost ever since I can remember. We don't catch up often, but today we did. After a little while on the phone, she suggested getting together for coffee, so I left the city and headed back toward home. I stopped at her house on the way and I think we were both blessed to reconnect. There is something incredibly special about old friends. It was an exercise in change. A step toward healing.

Tonight I shared a bag of popcorn with Idris (Number Nine). We ate the whole bag together, and then we watched a few storybook videos on my laptop while he ate apples slices and mandarin orange sections. His mommy was there too, and then his daddy came home. We enjoyed the time together and tonight I am blessed.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

A Little Snow Storm Too

I didn't leave home early enough this morning. I wasn't late leaving, I just needed to leave earlier than I did. My first clue was the snow piled on the hood and windshield. The second was the ice underneath the snow...

Had the roads not been snow covered, the snow not flying sideways, and the temperatures not bitter, I might have arrived at work on time, but blizzard-like conditions have a way of convincing folks to drive closer to 25 miles an hour rather than 45 or 50. (The photo is not from today, rather one I took one snowy November morning. I left my camera upstairs today.) At the halfway point I was doing okay, but rapidly approaching a time crunch. The kicker was the 55 mile an hour section where the guy in front was going about 20 miles an hour.

I punched in ten minutes late. (Yes, we still have a time clock with cards to punch.) Thankfully, I still worked my 8 hours and punched out at ten minutes til five. Between the holiday and going home early, I lost about 8 hours last week. My unused vacation time is in this week's check, but it feels like I've been shorted by an entire day. Ha.ha! I think I might get over it. I do typically garner a little bit of overtime most weeks.

I went to the pottery studio last night before the storm blew in and worked on another box with a figure on top. This time it's sitting on the edge of the lid with its legs hanging over the front. I'm never sure what I'm going to do with them until they happen and sometimes I find myself smiling at the result. Kind of like the little guy standing on his head on the lid of the little trinket box. I might have stayed longer last night, but the few others there cleared out early and being there alone just isn't quite the same. Besides, my car was parked across Monroe Avenue and I'm not real keen on being in the city alone in the dark. I decided to go home once I was done. It was only 7:30 pm. and the snow hadn't yet started to pile up.

Ha ha!

It's definitely January now!

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

January? Really?

Can it really be January in upstate NY? Will the rain drumming on my roof be snow by tomorrow morning? Anything can happen, but it's not looking probable. The good thing is we don't have scrape rain off any windshields.

I popped into the pottery studio a couple of times this past weekend. I rarely stay long, but I do have a few items to show for the times I do stop. I've been asked by a couple of wheel throwing friends if I am going to take another class. They think I should take the advanced class on Saturday mornings... but for now I am rather satisfied dabbling. Throwing aggravates the tendonitis (or is it arthritis?) in my thumbs, while handbuilding is a bit gentler. I like both, but have been doing a little more handbuilding lately. Boxes. With figures on top. And... I really don't have the extra cash for a class. Right now I prefer renting a shelf. I think it's a nice arrangement.

I'm not even sure how I ended up with an upside down figure on the little trinket box. It just kind of ... happened. I hope it doesn't fall apart before it gets fired and glazed.
The blue box has music inside, and the other one has yet to be glaze fired. The head still isn't firmly attached. Perhaps it is a sign. Mom used to say I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached. Ha ha!

Sunday, January 06, 2019

The Barn Collective

A little follow up to my friend's barn, the barn that fell a few weeks back.

She is much loved herself and a few friends came to rescue her anniversary card/ tribute to Al.

I am blessed.

Come visit Tom at the Barn Collective.

Thursday, January 03, 2019

Bits and Pieces

* Looked at my camera this morning and decided to leave it home.

* Still low on babies at work, so I peeled potatoes in the kitchen until I was asked if I could be in the toddler room while one of the regular teachers stepped out. It was early and children were still arriving. I ended up snuggling one small child for a half hour after her mother left. She melted into my shoulder as I rocked her on my lap, and I thought she might have fallen asleep, but she was just soaking in the love and attention. This small child drank in every ounce of love I could give. At nine o'clock I had to put her down and go back to the kitchen, but by then she was okay and ready to play with her friends.

* I've been mixing up the menu this week. Shuffled lunches around until the food truck came today. Meatball subs will be served tomorrow, now that we have meatballs.

* Getting out of work early usually comes as a surprise and today was my lucky day. Again. Such is the holiday weekend. We've been taking turns going home early. I was "free to go" after I was done in the kitchen, which included putting all our "groceries" away. I punched out at 1:15 pm and headed to the pottery studio.

* At the studio I used some old slabs and made a cute little box. No room to fit music inside. It will have to be for trinkets (or teeth) ha ha!. It turned out so cute that I suddenly wished I'd brought my camera along. (Of course...) Throwing on the wheel is fun, but building boxes is easier on my thumbs which get sore and achy from tendonitis or arthritis or whatever. I'm giving them a rest for bit while I play a different game and it's a game I like.

* Number Nine is running a fever tonight. He went from a happy, bouncy little guy (on Motrin) to a fiery hot, bundle of snuggles in the space of a half hour. Didn't cry, just found laying on mommy the best place to be. He got quieter and quieter as he grew hotter. Here's hoping he feels better soon.

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

New Beginnings

Today is not Monday. But it feels like it. Yesterday felt so much like Saturday that I had to repeatedly remind myself that it wasn't. Ha ha! I'm beginning to see why Federal holidays are always on a Monday... (except July 4). Ha ha! My days are all messed up. The holidays have totally thrown any sense of routine right out the window. Good thing we aren't changing the clocks anytime soon!

I came home last night feeling chilled to the bone. It was dinner time, but I put my pajamas on and crawled into bed with my heating pad and laptop. I should have made myself a cup of hot tea, but once I was under the covers I didn't want to get out again. I went to sleep early, woke up at about 9:30 pm when my phone chimed, again to use the bathroom at 10:30 pm, and then stayed in bed until it was time to get up for work. I must have been tired.

Today was a good day. I'm eating healthy and looking forward to whatever 2019 brings.

Monday, December 31, 2018

New Year's Eve 2018

It's New Year's Eve 2018. It was a busy day with a "somewhat stressful" few moments...

 I worked this morning and then made a visit to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Always a fun place. The last time I went to the DMV there was a problem with the title I was transferring. We had to order a new one. This time I had all the paperwork filled out and accounted for. I waited my turn and they finally called my number. The woman was just starting to go over my paperwork when another announced, "We're out of passenger plates." Can you guess what I was there for?

I started to panic a little. I don't get much time off for running errands that might take hours, and the inspection sticker on the vehicle (which I was transferring from James to me) was about to expire. In order to keep the vehicle fully legal, I needed a temporary inspection sticker, and they don't give them unless you are registering a vehicle, and in order to register my vehicle, I needed new plates. Thankfully, they gave me a paper (a rain check, of sorts) to expedite my visit to the regular Department of Motor Vehicles, which is where I headed next. I was able to get in and out in short order, new plates, registration, and temporary inspection sticker in hand, albeit a bit poorer.

Facebook has been rife with New Year's posts and status updates. I don't feel in any particular hurry to bid adieu to 2018, but I did find some of the "Best Nine" photos interesting and decided to try one of my own. Bits and pieces of the last year. They make me smile. It was a good year with some hard bumps. Tonight I choose to focus on the smiles rather than the pain.

No wise words to ponder this evening. I'll save that for another day. Maybe tomorrow. We'll see.

I was just editing my post when the lights decided to flicker and the electric went out. Three times. Now I have to wait for the internet connection to reboot, so I am here adding useless chatter to the bottom of my post.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

The Barn Collective

My camera came along for the ride to church this morning, and on the way home I made this capture.

My parents knew the owners back before and during my childhood. I would recognize them when they visited our church, but I never knew them personally. I still recall the names of a few of their children, but doubt any of the children even knew I existed. (I was invisible, you know. Besides, I did not go to Rochester Christian School like the majority of my childhood church friends. Had I gone, they might have known me too.)

 I suppose at one time, in the distant past, the old barn and its farmhouse ruled the hill and land behind it, but for as long as I can remember Bunker Hill has been covered with two-story neighborhood homes. A few other kids from my childhood church lived there.

Pull on your boots and come on over to Tom's.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Perhaps a Nap

It's been an emotional weekend. I still have an aching sadness deep in my heart, and I know there is a piece of that ache that will never fade away completely. There are moments when I feel the throbbing, even if nobody else sees the bruise. I have to turn around often, not to go back to where I was, but to see how far I've traveled.

Weekends are rarely restful, but after today's accomplishments, I tipped over on the couch and fell into a deep sleep. I even woke up wondering where I was, what time it might be, and where in the world I was. Maybe because I've not gone to sleep on the couch here before. At least not this couch in this decade. Decades ago I slept on a different couch in this same house... but I digress. I had a long nap, a now unusual weekend occurrence.

Ahead of me is another crazy week. New Year's Eve will bring another short work day, followed by another chopped up week. Holidays wreak havoc on routine. ha ha! I guess I'll be looking forward to January and a return to regularity. My resolution this year is to be kinder to my aging body and soul, even if I am in denial as to how old I am. I'm almost 35 now, right? (Passing my kids on my way back to 20!)

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Christmas 2018

Christmas 2018 has come and gone. Although there were moments in the weeks preceding that I only wished to have it over and done with, I must admit it turned out very nice. There were no major confrontations, no injuries, and no debilitating illnesses.

 I spent the morning here at home, shared my little Christmas tree with my grandson and his family (I actually brought it downstairs fully decorated), and took Josiah with me out to Williamson in the early afternoon.

We had four of our kids, two in laws, and six grandchildren at the house. We shared a lasagna dinner, ate too many cookies, opened gifts, and watched "A Muppet Christmas Carol."

That first grandson of mine turned 11 back in October. I didn't get a group photo of the kids, but I do like this one of Josh by himself.

It was back to work again yesterday.