Saturday, October 25, 2014

Just Stuff

Last evening our house was filled with the aroma of roasting peppers; chile, pablano, cayenne, and red bell peppers. Smelled so good! And looked so pretty all piled up in the pan afterward.

Today I took my crabby self out to run errands. I went all the usual places and then a few more. I was on the hunt for a burnt orange colored, double sized, fitted sheet. I checked Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Kohls. Only Target sold single sheets and they weren't in the pretty shade I desired. I perused Goodwill and came out with a small yellow serving bowl and a small crock pot, but no colorful, double sized, fitted sheet. I briefly considered K Mart and Walmart but ended up at a Savers instead. The sheet I found was not orange. It was red. I decided to take the red one and will use it to cover my pretty, burnt orange, suede-like futon cover that so readily collects cat hair. Maybe I will find a burnt orange one another day. Well, it could happen...

Remember my Random Acts of Kindness Pie? Well, God had a different plan for it than I did. The intended recipient, did not end up with the pie. His wife could not make it to our Thursday night Bible study, so I left it instead down the street at Martin's door. (You might remember him as Jasmine's friend.) I put it into a cardboard box and wrote note on the cover so he wouldn't be afraid to eat it. Perhaps next week I will send a pie to the other individual. I'm pretty sure he can still use the encouragement.

Friday, October 24, 2014

A Little Bit of Golden

It was a golden autumn day. I took the little people out to run in the yard but it only gave them more energy upon re-entry and sapped mine. Nothing an oft interrupted nap and a couple cups of coffee can't cure. ha! (Okay, so maybe the attempt at a nap wasn't so successful, but I just couldn't keep my eyes open no matter how hard I tried.)

 It was the kind of day that would have found me traipsing trails through the woods somewhere if I dared to take three rambunctious youngsters with selective hearing. Instead I found a nice big box, and while they bounced on the yet-to-be-put-away-trampoline, I picked the remainder of our October chile peppers. The kitchen will smell nice tonight while they're roasting.

PS. My blog settings are still set to accept anonymous comments, but I've been told by several friends that they aren't able to leave any. :(
I do think you can set up a blogger account without actually having a blog, or maybe a google account would work too.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Happy 29th to my beautiful daughter!

Once upon a time we were a family of four; a mommy and a daddy and two little boys, and then God surprised us with a new baby girl. She filled our house with girly screams and girly toys and clothes. She brought her own special ray of sunshine and her own brand of torment to especially one of her two brothers. She wiggled her way into our hearts and our lives would never be the same.

Happy Birthday, Bethany!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

And Maybe Some Apple Pie Too

Today was quiet, dark, and drippy. I tossed the pie- making idea back and forth for most of the day. Remember Betsy's Random Acts of Kindness? Well, I have an idea in mind. It involves pie and someone who I think could use a little bit of encouragement.

I made more than one pie this afternoon, because it always feels like there should be one here too. *sigh*
 We'll all be nice and pudgy by the time the holidays arrive.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Valley of Decision

I've started going to a new Bible study on Thursday evenings. We're reading "The Best Yes" by Lysa Terkeurst, examining scripture, and learning to make wise decisions, or maybe to make any decision at all. "Miss Indecision," that is me. I am scared to death of making decisions, especially big ones. If I am totally honest, sometimes I even have trouble making little decisions, like what ice cream flavor to choose... unless it's soft serve pumpkin in October, then I know exactly what to do.

Every day is laced with choices (Like what to make for dinner... ug!). I typically get by without getting too stressed out, but making a final decision on something big and important can be pretty scary. I was blessed last night to read that not all decisions have a "right" or "wrong". Sometimes both decisions are good and we just have to choose one or the other. (It's okay to have chocolate ice cream sometimes and vanilla on other days, or even to try the soft serve pumpkin, especially if it's October.)

All this to say, I'm learning, or at least trying to learn, to make a good decision and go with it. Pray, weigh the options, pray some more, know the ramifications, pray some more, and make a choice. No second guessing or looking back over my shoulder at the other options. Just trust God and go for it.
(I'll let you know how it works out...)

And for your enjoyment, some friends we found on our outside adventures last week. Sometimes going outside is the Best Yes.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Out and About (again)

I got up this morning while it was still dark, hopped in the shower, and got ready for a drive through the countryside. Joe and I each poured ourselves a cup of coffee and set out a little before 8 am. It was a gorgeous day to take a drive and see what was left of the colors of autumn. I dropped Joe off at his place at nine, turned around, and headed back "from whence I'd come."

The little diner where I'd gotten soft serve pumpkin ice cream on Friday afternoon was closed. So was that antique shop I always want to stop in. I drove on past the Dunkin Donuts where I "always" stop to use the restroom, but I did make several roadside stops to snap a photo here and there.

Not too far into my journey home, I turned off the main road to find my friend Della from 18 Under One Roof and stopped in for a visit with her. She offered me coffee, but I was already coffeed up from my drive and opted for a visit to the lavatory and a glass of water instead. I met a few of Della's 16 children and had some nice conversation with Jon who was snuggled down on the couch with a very furry and friendly kitten whose name I don't recall, probably because the list of things they call her was too long to remember.

When I got home I was too sleepy to wash my Monday bedding, so I checked my computer and then curled up on the couch with one of Mom's afghans and took a nice long nap. When I was all nicely rested, I got up and stripped the bed. Don't you just love fresh, clean sheets?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

October Gathering

It was a nice day for a family gathering, even if it was cold and somewhat wet outside, even if I did forget to get Ben's coffee and even if Jakie did spill the cup he eventually did get. It was a good day even if Dave did sleep through most of the afternoon.

I made regular chili and James made green chili stew. We had sopaipillas with honey and apple pie a la mode. Leta brought a pumpkin cake and there was plenty of coffee for the big people.

There were football teams on TV, children playing Hungry Hippos, and a few "time outs". I think everyone had fun even if Lucas did say it wasn't a "fun day".

I think I should sleep good tonight.

(Tomorrow morning I'll get up early and take Joe back to school, and then maybe I'll find a friend on the way home.)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Family Ties

We took Josiah out to meet his new nephew this afternoon. I'm always blessed to watch my boys hold these brand new family members with "relative" ease.

What a bunch of goofball kids I have! Maybe I did something right after all, and then again, maybe they just take after the other family goofballs. There are plenty to choose from, on all sides.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch

I had a few wild children on the way home from finding Uncle Joe this afternoon, but then again, they did fall asleep on the way there and I did sugar them up on the way home...

First we stopped at Dunkin Donuts and found some tasty treats, and then we went across the street and found something else sweet and yummy. (It was Della's fault. She mentioned the soft serve pumpkin ice cream and it was scrumptious! Hmm... I do have to take Joe back to school again, and that means I'll have to drive past that ice cream shop again...)

 Hey! I'm getting pretty good at this grandma thing. Don't you think?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cooking Up Something Good

I managed to get through the day with three children without feeling like a crazed lunatic. Perhaps the knowledge of wild hormones has helped. There was still fighting, yelling, and biting, but at least I wasn't doing it. ha ha!

Rice Crispy Cookies were on the schedule today.

 Those backyard bonfires of summer left us with an abundant supply. We made two batches of cookies, I sent an unopened bag home with the kids, and I still have three bags left. Maybe one day a few of them will end up in a cup of hot chocolate or some No-Bake Cookies.

Tomorrow we're taking a drive to find Uncle Joe and bring him home for the weekend. We're packing a lunch and we might even stop at Dunkin Donuts on the way home.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Return Visit

One visit to the hospital to visit a new baby is never enough, especially if the baby has to be shared with multiple relatives, so Hannah and I picked up Bethany today and made a return trip. He even had his eyes open! There is nothing quite like a brand new baby, especially a new grandbaby.

Hannah is my Baby Whisperer, quiet and calming. She has nothing but love and adoration for each and every new baby we welcome into our clan, and they always feel the love. I can't wait to see how the bond between this little boy and his Aunt Hannah grows. She is truly inspiring.

Bethany didn't make it to the hospital yesterday. Today was her first meeting with her newest nephew. It is a beautiful thing to watch my children interact with our new babies. Tender kisses, gentle hugs, and sweet caresses are given in abundance. I'm so blessed to have managed to catch a few of those moments on my camera today.

I couldn't go home without a picture of the new family, so Nate climbed up onto the bed beside his beautiful bride with his tiny son in his arms. They are all smiles and blessed beyond measure. It's hard to believe my little guy is really a daddy, but it's looking good on him so far.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Awww.... :)

He tiny, he's sleepy, and he's adorable. His daddy looks tired and his mommy can't keep the smile off her face. He already has more than enough people to love and we are going to have to practice sharing all over again.

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy! (Updated version)

Yeah! He's finally here. It was a very long and exhausting day for the new mommy and daddy. "Grueling" he called it, but little Spencer finally made his appearance at about 4:15 this morning. I have no stats and no stories. That'll come later.

Spencer James weighed in at 7 pounds 2 ounces and is approximately 20 inches long. I'm hoping to get a peek at him later this evening. Stay tuned.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Waiting on Someone...

The time of arrival has... arrived. Prayerfully there will soon be a small bundle snuggled in his mommy's arms. Sabrina is in labor and so we wait for little Spencer to be born and pray.

In the meantime, a family photo album, just because...

Our oldest son Jim lives in Minnesota with his beautiful wife and curly haired boy.

Dave and his small tribe of warriors live in the same town as we do.
He and Leta have 2 boys and a little girl.

Bethany and her husband live a couple town over with their two boys. 
(This is last fall's family photo. Jakie has hair now.)

Joe is going to going to college about an hour south of here.

 Nate and and his wife live in Rochester and are eagerly awaiting their first baby. 
He'll be here any minute.

 Ben works in a collision shop about a half hour away and has his own apartment.
His girlfriend Morgan is helping him fill out forms for college classes.
They enjoy hanging out together in their spare time.

Hannah has taken on a weekly babysitting job which keeps her busy. 
She enjoys hanging out with Sergio and sometime his little brother too.

Seven kids, seven grandkids.