Sunday, May 21, 2023

A Second Busy Weekend...

 I had to trim this weekend's activities. It's quite impossible to be everywhere and do all the things no matter how much I'd like to do them all.

There was no Man Haters Club on Friday night. We took the night off to rest and rose early Saturday morning for a field trip to Syracuse. We visited Clayscapes Pottery and went away a little poorer (we all bought tools or clay) and afterward went to meet some previously unknown family members who live in and about Syracuse.

This past year I discovered my cousins had an older half brother that no one knew about. We are doubtful that even my uncle knew of him. My cousin passed away in 1996, but he left a wife and five children. On Saturday we met the wife and two daughters. Family resemblances are funny things. We found one daughter to have inherited the high forehead my sister Rachel possess, and her small son to have what we have always called "Shafer ears." 

The Apple Blossom Parade marched through Williamson in the rain this year. We stood under porch and canopy to watch and wave and were rewarded with handfuls of candy, waves, and a serenade.

Today I woke with a debilitating headache. I did not go to church but did venture out to Williamson again to watch Idris run the Main Street Mile and take pictures. I also ran into my sweet, little friend Mara who was on her way home with her parents. She was exceptionally quiet, probably wondering what I was doing outside the daycare center.

This afternoon I drove to the little town of Pumpkin Hook and attended a wedding reception for some friends of my son Ben. It was a beautiful day and the fresh air helped to dispel the headache lurking just under the surface.

Weekends fly by much too fast. It's almost time to crawl back into the baby room again.


  1. ...I forgot about the Apple Bloom Festive. Maybe next year.

    1. It helps that my son lives in town otherwise I would forget too.

  2. For me, this was very busy weekend and had lot of work in my car garage.

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  3. Sounds like a delightful weekend despite the headache. Glad you pushed through.
    My weekend involved pulling my "jungle" of weeds, doing 2 days of times with my Alzheimer's friend. that was exhausting but God helped me through.
    Church yesterday and out to lunch to help celebrate our Granddaughter Amanda and Billy's 1st wedding anniversary. Where did the time go? I just can't believe its been a year.
    Hope your journey back into the DayCare maze will go well.