Sunday, August 01, 2021

A Pocketful of Beach Glass

"Grammy! Do you want to go to the lake?"

A cool, refreshing breeze blew, the sun was bright. It was the perfect lake day. We tossed a few fruit snack packages into a box with one fig bar, grabbed two can of sparkling water from the garage fridge, and set off for the lake. We stayed for hours. It was glorious!

I picked lake glass from the beach, snapped pictures, and did my best to keep him safe and dry. He tossed sticks and stones into the water, balanced on longs, and dipped his hands into the water. We both got soakers, me from an unanticipated wave and he from losing his balance stepping over the breach in the dam blocking the creek.  

We ventured into the woods, walked the pier, he rolled down the big hill, and we ultimately ended up back at the mouth of the creek. Hannah came down after Killian woke from his nap to see what it was that Idris loves so much about the lake.

It was a beautiful day with my grandson, the kind of day I used to dream of having with my future grandchildren. I am thoroughly blessed.


  1. Grandkids...Fun together....Most excellent!!!

  2. How Precious!!!
    He looks like he's having the time of his life. I can see why he wants to go there and it is so fun for you to be a part of it..Happy Dance for you today...

    1. I only wish it was so lovely every day. Tonight the little beach was covered with a thick, icky layer of seaweed and the waves were green. Blech! But we did have an absolutely splendid time on Saturday. So glad I took him.