Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Bits and Pieces

* When I don't know what to do or where to go, I go to the lake.

* Last night I found my friend Gail looking for glass on the little island beach across the mouth of the creek. My friend Tahnya, a former coworker, found me as I was watching a sweet, small child scamper about the shore. The child turned out to be her daughter. And then my friend Pam and I found each other in Wegmans. We have been friends since fourth grade but rarely catch up. It was a good night to find friends.

* My sweet little friend A was at daycare yesterday. I spotted him when I took in the lunch cart. He was all smiles, happy to see me, happy to be sitting with his best friend R., and blissfully unaware of the tragedy that befell his daddy last week. In years to come he will grieve, but for now he is a not quite three year old child blessed with the inability to behold and process such sorrow.

* I've been a little off this week. Not entirely sure what's kickin' me. Maybe it's because August has made its arrival feeling like September.

* Sweet little Seventeen will be making her way into the world soon. Her biggest brother, Number Six, also known as Austin, turned eight this past Saturday. They are growing up without me. This is hard.

* Number Fifteen is not slowing down for anything. He is bound and determined to grow up this week. Crawling on his hands and knees is not enough. he's pulling himself up on his knees and also up onto his big brother's giant stuffed dog. (I think he's got a little of his mommy in him! (Shhh! Don't tell her I said so.)

* I have plans to go out on Friday night. A plan always helps. I need more of those.


  1. Plans are good...something to look forward to.
    It really is hard to not see our Grands grow up. Thankful for computers but there is nothing like actually being with them.
    So glad you were with so many different friends that "helps". Love your photos.

    1. The longing of my heart has always been to be truly connected. It is the desire of many hearts and yet so very hard to find.
      Love you!

  2. Oh Martha, I so feel your pain and loneliness being far away...I miss Tristan so bad, as he is also 8 now. We would go see her if my dearest could make the trip. She is planning a trip to see us as soon as she can work some details out.

    1. Being far from grandchildren can be hard. I'm glad Tristan can make a trip to see you and your dearest.
      Mostly I am doing good, but sometimes life just feels lonely.