Sunday, February 14, 2021

It's Valentines Day

 Valentines Day.  It's a tough day to spend alone.

The early morning bathroom call came at 4 am. I crawled back into bed immediately after and tried to sleep, but thoughts of my pottery shelf invaded my mind, clutched my heart, and left a knot in my stomach. Yup, it's that bad... *deep breath* Needless to say, I had a hard time getting back to sleep and when I finally opened my eyes in the morning, I found myself a little short of time to get ready for church. I made it there for worship, but just barely. 

I've been on my own long enough to know there are certain days of the year when I need a distraction. Last Tuesday I sent a message to my friend Laura. "Are you busy on Valentine's Day? I was wondering if you might want to get breakfast together," and she agreed. (I love her!) So on this very chilly Valentines Day, we met at the Coal Tower Restaurant for breakfast. It's so good to have friends.


  1. ...just about any day is tough to spend alone.

  2. you made the call and were not alone. Breakfast with a friend is the best!!
    I wish we could have breakfast together....