Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Shedding Some Light (Or Lightening Some Sheds)

I'm cleaning out sheds. 

Over the weekend I emptied one half full woodshed into another half full woodshed compartment. (There are four separate areas to the long woodshed behind the garage.)

 I now have one empty woodshed and one full woodshed compartment.

I also consolidated all the garden tools and snow shovels into a Compartment #2.
See the firewood peeking through the slat divider?

Today I took my brand new shop-vac out to the Garden House in the back corner and cleaned out decades of old dirt and spider webs. It's looking pretty spiffy!

This is Compartment #3. We had Big Ideas about building something fun out of our old tires... Who knows? Maybe it will still happen. Only time will tell.

(I have no picture of Compartment #4, which appeared when Dad closed up the gap between the garage and the long shed in order to make a place to keep bicycles, but there aren't any bikes in there. It's more of a "catch-all" at the moment.)

And then there is this beauty. This is a cinder block "dungeon" off the back of Dad's Garden House. He'd hoped to keep vegetables there in the winter, but neglected to fill the cinder block walls with concrete, and it failed to be weather proof. It's another "catch-all" which I will empty a little at a time depending on how brave I feel. I took a few pieces out of there today. Mostly I'm afraid of critters. Ha ha! It's not she-shed material, that's for sure. I don't have any plans for this space other than storage and I'm not sure what.

Our garage is looking a little less congested too. It's far from the summer living area I'm dreaming of but I have two weeks before July is upon us. Stay tuned to see if we make it happen.


  1. Wow Martha, I'm so impressed with all of your hard work.
    Love the title of this post..you made me smile.
    Finding new spaces and the goal of a "Summer Place" looks fantastic.
    I can't wait to see how it will all turn out.

    1. I only wish someone had taught me some carpentry skills. You'd think I have all kinds of people to ask for help, but it doesn't feel that way. When I need help with building now, I don't know where to turn. What I'd really like is a simple wooden floor over the crushed stone in that first shed so it might be good for storage.

      Today I worked on cleaning up the garage a little. It will be a never ending job, but maybe eventually I'll be doing maintenance instead of playing catch up.