Thursday, September 24, 2009

Getting Out

We've had some beautiful weather this week, sunny days and warm temperatures. I've decided to take the girls out tomorrow. Maybe they will enjoy feeding the birds at Mendon Ponds. It is a long drive for small girls but I'm hoping they will find it fun. I'll need to take a helper along, someone to help steady small hands while the birds land. Troy found it a little scary so maybe they will too. We'll see.

I took my camera out in the backyard this afternoon. Jasmine came home for several hours and thought maybe I was going for a walk. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time and she was rather disappointed. It would have been a great time to get some fresh air and exercise. I settled for just fresh air and a few photos. Maybe next time Jazz comes home we can go for a hike.
I'm hoping to pick up some apples this weekend. When I took Sofie out for her morning adventure the air smelled like apples. It must be an early morning thing as by the time I took the girls to preschool it was no longer noticeable. It just isn't autumn without an apple pie or two... or three.


  1. I'll take one of those apple pies - with a little cheese.

  2. look what you have started Martha!
    Now it's going to be apple this and apple that. hugs.

  3. I really appreciate your photos! It helps me remember why I loved living in NY so much and why I miss it now.