Sunday, March 27, 2022

A Little Rambling

I haven't done a spectacular job of keeping up with writing. So much happens and doesn't get written. Sometimes I'm just too tired, and sometimes, by the end of the day, I can't even remember anything worthy of being recorded. And then there are the days when I am simply too overwhelmed by my own thoughts.

Florida, formerly known as Minnesota, came to visit a week and a half ago. When I should have been landing in Sanford, Sanford was arriving in western NY. To be honest, there was a conflict of emotions flooding through my mind. There was excitement as to their arrival, and disappointment in the cancellation of my own trip to Florida, as well as frustration at the piddly amount the airline gave me in the form of vouchers as a refund. The change of plans was not made flippantly and I agree wholeheartedly with the decision. (I'm finding it possible to be both in agreement and disappointed both at once.)

We had a houseful of people and more with visitors. I took Thursday and Friday off work and on Friday six adults took ten children to Rochester's Strong Museum of Play. It was probably the highlight of the visit. On Saturday there was a gathering in honor of my birthday. Ten grandchildren, four of my own kids, and three in laws. We found ourselves short staffed at work but my boss graciously allowed me to come into work at 10:30 am on Monday morning, giving me time to say goodbye to my son and his family before they made the long return journey south.

On Tuesday morning my sweet daughter dropped my cat off at the vet. I picked him up on my way home from work. He has made a complete recovery from his "minor surgery". Nothing like cutting it close to the six month mark for neutering a male cat. Thankfully, there were no incidents of spraying prior to him being fixed.

Between visiting family, a time change, and loss of sleep, I found myself extremely sleepy Wednesday night. I fell asleep early (9 pm) waking only once during the night, and then sleeping right through to being awakened by the sound of my phone ringing. It was Heather at work wondering if I was coming in. My alarm had been turned off and I was already 5 minutes late. I told her I would throw on some clothes and be there. I miraculously made it out of the house in a flash grabbing a lunch and my coffee on the way. I arrived at work just 43 minutes late. Not too bad for having a 25 minute drive.

Winter made a return this weekend. I'd be lying if I said I didn't mind. I'm in great need of sunshine and outdoor exercise and very much looking forward to warm weather and trips to the lake.


  1. Wow, you really had a house full of family. Sorry for the change of plans but happy you could celebrate your birthday with part of your family. I have loved all the photos of the darling grands..what a gorgeous bunch of tykes. That was an amazing job og getting out the door and to work...You have had a lot on your plate, for sure

    1. My plate is full and heaped up. Things are falling off the sides. LOL!