Friday, October 23, 2020

The Week in a Nutshell

Most of this past week was dark, dreary and wet. I was thankful for the beautiful walk on Saturday and my time with my friend Gail on Sunday. I'm coming to realize I might need a better plan to get me through the coming long winter as I am prone to feeling depressed on dark, cold, lonely evenings. Last year I had the pottery studio, and although I still have my shelf at the moment, I am seriously considering turning in my key and saving the $75 each month. At the very least I could save it toward taking a future class. I haven't spent any real time there since March.

On Tuesday evening I spent a few hours making pies with my daughter Bethany. Today is her 35th birthday. Tomorrow she is throwing a "Halfway to 70" birthday party with apple pie for dessert. We have encouraged her in this endeavor. She needs a good stress reliever and nothing relieves stress better than the love of friends and family. (Please pray for baby Henry as he is scheduled for surgery on December 1. We'd all appreciate your prayers for a successful operation and speedy healing for this sweet child.)

This afternoon after work Hannah, Idris and I went for a walk around the block. Twice. Tonight my people and I went down to the lake for an evening picnic. Hannah and Sergio bought subs and I met them down at the lake. It was an absolutely gorgeous day! Just like summer, aside from the autumn colors. No jackets needed. We opted to take advantage of this rare opportunity as tomorrow is forecast to be about 35 degrees colder. It was a beautiful evening.

Tomorrow and Sunday both come with birthday parties. I wish I could say I am already prepared, but the truth is I am not. I have some work to do tomorrow if I am to arrive at Number Seven's Sixth birthday party with a present. Pretty sure I can be successful. At least I hope so...


  1. ...I hope that you made the best of yesterday, it was a beauty!

    1. I had to work until 4 o'clock, but I got outside on my break and spent the evening outside as well. Oh, and I took the babies outside in the sunshine for half an hour as well. It definitely was an incredibly beautiful day!

  2. Being outside can be the perfect "medicine".
    I spent 4 hours yesterday doing my care-giving for my friend who is in the middle stages of Alzheimers...we spend as much time outside in her yard sitting and enjoying the warmth of the sun. She gets Sundowners syndrome in the dark days of winter. Its gets difficult. I hope you can figure out things to do to keep your spirits up. $75 is a lot for your pottery space if you aren't going to really use it.
    Hugs for all the family get togethers and good luck on the #6 gift.

    1. Sundowner's is terrible for caregivers. There were many like that when I sat in Memory Care. I will get it figured out. In January there will be a new baby in the house. That will be exciting.
      I found a gift for #6. Clothes. I'm sure his parents are more excited than he is, but one of the shirts was really cute, a dinosaur in a karate uniform. LOL!