Friday, October 10, 2014

Finally Friday

I kept the little ones inside this morning so that they could completely obliterate the house before we headed outside for the
afternoon. It literally looked like the toy cabinet had exploded, spewing its contents all over the living room. I took solace in the fact that the last time it looked like a tornado had blown through they actually got it all cleaned up and put away by themselves. Hunger will do amazing things... especially with little boys. I learned that with mine. "Don't use food as rewards and punishment," say the experts, and I have to wonder if they ever had children.Lunch time is always a great incentive.

After lunch we headed out into the sunshine and found it to be a bit colder than I'd anticipated, but I'm too stubborn to drag my winter coat out of hiding just yet. The kids don't even appear to notice when it gets cold, probably because they never hold still long enough to cool off. I searched out spots in the yard that were either sunny or sheltered from the lake breeze since I didn't feel up to bouncing on the "wampoween."

Just before my daughter in law's return, we took a walk out to the back corner of the yard where our property meets up with the orchard, the same spot where I let Rocky pick apples last fall. (Hey! It was exactly a year ago!) I let the kids each pick three apples, one to eat and two to put in a bag to take home, then I took a couple of pictures.

PS. Our seventh grandchild is due tomorrow. Prayers for Nate and Sabrina are appreciated.

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