Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Today and Yesterday, and Maybe Tomorrow Too

It was an absolutely wonderful, gorgeous, perfectly splendid kind of day! I stayed home and cleaned the downstairs potty room. It took me an hour. I even cleaned the window screen and chased away the spiders. And then I washed the kitchen floor, with a fresh bucket of water, of course. (You know, putting my glasses on and then looking at the floor is rather revealing...)

Yesterday I took advantage of the sunshine and bright weather by taking Sofie for a walk int he orchard. She was very pleased with the adventure as I typically leave her home. The apple harvest is nearly complete. I believe the crews who come in to pick apples will be headed home by the end of the week. It looks as though they won't be bringing in the entire harvest this year. Perhaps they will have left some good pie apples out in the back corner.

I've given some thought to baking and selling pies... but I know not how to market them or which days to tag as baking days. Perhaps I should get this figured out soon, like while I still have apples. I have plenty of disposable pie tins, lots of shortening, and several bags of flour. All I really need is a little bit of time and a ton of motivation, along with some hungry customers. Anybody hungry?

It looks like our Indian Summer is on the way out. Dark rain clouds moved in late this afternoon blowing our sunshine and fair weather away. Tomorrow won't be quite the summer-like day that we had today and I likely won't be out chopping up fallen leaves and trying to set my lawn mower ablaze. I hadn't raised the mower deck and the leaves got packed up under and around the engine. I knew there was a potential problem when I smelled smoke, and then again was quite certain when I saw it. I'm happy to report that neither myself nor the tractor blew up. The only loss was a few blackened leaves with glowing red edges. What an adventure! On my next attempt I made sure to have the mower deck at its highest position and watched that the leaves didn't collect up on the deck or behind the wheels. I'm a good learner. :0)


  1. What a lovely day! That was our Monday! Today was rainy and a bit cooler. Saturday we are supposed to have a low of 27 degrees! ha.

    1. I don't suppose that weather is headed this direction? Ah well, that sounds like good pie baking weather.