Sunday, October 26, 2014


Fall is fleeting in upstate NY. Most have the trees have turned to gold, red, or bronze, shed their leaves, and now stand at least partially naked in the cold autumn winds. We decided to grab the opportunity and together headed out this morning into a rainy drizzle. We stopped for breakfast in Geneva and then headed south toward Watkins Glen.

Had the weather not been bone chilling, we might have paid the parking fee and ventured into the glen. Instead we drove a few miles further to the sleepy little town of Montour Falls and took a peak at their waterfalls. We found them sleepy too. Not much water coming over the rocks today, but pretty just the same.

We had all afternoon to drive, so we headed west, away from Seneca Lake and the town of Watkins Glen, toward Keuka Lake and one of our favorite wineries.

There is something about autumn that can make even a cold, gray day feel warm and cozy. Both the colors and the landscape conjure up thoughts of warm sweaters, fireplaces, and steaming hot cups of coffee.

I found myself soaking in the shapes of trees and buildings, the earthy colors of autumn, and the grey blue skies and clouds, and wondered at the artists of old who didn't carry a camera in their packs. If they captured the landscape at all, it was either in their minds or a sketch on paper. But then again, I don't suppose they were in as much of a hurry as most of us are today.

Unless I sneak away early this week, which isn't likely, my autumn travels are  over for this year. *sigh* Maybe next year I will have a little more freedom while the leaves are in full color and the sun is still warm. For now I have a few treasures in photos from this year and maybe, just maybe, if the water authority comes to Mom's house early tomorrow, I might find a moment or two to wander one of my favorite farm markets.


  1. Very nice! I love that red barn with two rows of windows! We had so much rain, I'm wondering if our leaves won't have a spectacular peak like last year. I'm hoping for a sunny day this week for some photos.

    1. Aren't those windows something? Barns almost always catch my eye, Betsy, and I do love the windows on this one. There's another one I'm going to have to go back and find another day but I'm not sure it will be this year.

  2. I don't really mind it it was just that I backed up several times already and, and, you know