Tuesday, October 07, 2014

A Walk About Town

My night out in St Paul with Kristina was fun and so was my Thursday morning out with Kim. Kim took me for a walk, not too far from Grand Avenue, where stately houses lined the street and manicured gardens graced the lawns. It was the perfect morning for a walk beneath the towering shade trees. I'd somehow become suddenly shy about taking pictures, perhaps because I didn't want to intrude on anyone's personal privacy, but it didn't take long for my camera to come out in spite of my initial reluctance. I thought it a shame to miss the opportunity.

We walked down Summit Avenue from Cochran Park to the Cathedral of Saint Paul, down some more streets and around a few corners until I was lost, which is what happens when one pays more attention to taking photographs than to where she is going.

 Not all of the houses where sprawling mansions. I found this little place on Laurel Avenue quite intriguing...

... as well as the verses of poetry stamped into the sidewalks.

When we were done walking, we popped into Nina's Coffee Cafe on the corner of Selby and Western Avenues, across from WA Frost's where Kristina and I had been just  a couple of days earlier. We didn't get silly and laugh quite the same as Kristina and I, but we shared a very nice chat and a cup of coffee and two "not so fancy" (I had a chocolate peanut butter oat bar, and she had pumpkin bread) desserts before going home again.

(I once again overfilled my cup and spilled both cinnamon and coffee down side and onto the table.)

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