Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Martha's Bit's and Bobs

Here they are. I'm tempted to call them the "Minnesota Leftovers," but that's not really true. They aren't leftovers at all, just stragglers. Dessert comes at the end and it isn't leftover.

Dogs are forever hopeful, even when they know the chances of a handout are slim to none.

One miffed horse. We called her over and didn't even have something as simple as a sugar cube. You can tell she's annoyed.

The Como Park Zoo, which James and I visited on Saturday. There's a spotted cat sleeping in the crevice of the rock.

Monarch at Como Park in St Paul.

Daddy hugs. They're the best.

Helping Daddy weed the flower bed.

Silly Daddy...

How he melts my heart.

Saying goodbye to Grandpa.

Going home again.


  1. Such a happy bunch of people....
    Is that a stuffed toy on the end of the soother?
    Never seen that before...
    Where does the curly hair come from?
    Enjoy some more pie!

    1. It's called a Wubbanub and makes a soother so much easier to keep track of. There are several different animals to choose from.
      Everyone asks about the curly hair. I told Michele to tell people who ask that it comes from God. ha ha! A couple of my kids had curls as babies and I think Michele's was wavy when she was little too. It'll be interesting to see if the curls stick around. I kind of hope so.

  2. Fun bits and had a lovely vacation, didn't you?

  3. Replies
    1. It was fun and mostly relaxing, just the kind I like.