Wednesday, September 27, 2023

And That's How It's Been Going

*  It's been busy and I have been tired. 

*  I went to the allergist last Tuesday morning before work. They did needle poke tests on my arms and drew blood for tests as well. So far everything blood test related has come back normal, except for octopus which came back "borderline." Have I ever eaten octopus? I haven't a clue. I have been advised to avoid eating seafood for now. (I have never wanted a good piece of fish so much in my life.)

*  I had a doctor's appointment on Thursday. I got a tetanus booster.

* I am still going to Physical Therapy. My back is much better than it was four months ago, and yet it is not quite where I'd like it to be. Tiny chairs and tables a foot off the floor are tricky to maneuver. 

* This past weekend my cousins and I had a booth at a local festival. So much fun! I sold a few pieces of pottery. Over all we had a successful weekend, and I bought a grape pie.

* My son's friend Dan came to find me at the Grape Festival on Sunday afternoon. He lives in Minnesota but was here with his wife for a family gathering. Seeing them totally made my day! I think I hugged him five times. I was really that excited.

* I am going to New Jersey with my friend Gail this coming weekend. Maybe I'll stick my toes in the ocean one more time before winter.

* I bought an airline ticket for December. I miss my Florida family, the ones who used to be in Minnesota. I asked my boss first. LOL!


  1. Well yay !!! So glad you are traveling a bit and going to visit family (the best)
    Fantastic that you sold some of your pieces and had so much fun.

    1. If I remember to charge the battery and take my camera card I might come back with some fun photos.
      Yes, it always good when the goods sell. There was also more interest this time around.

  2. You are a fantastic potter! So glad you were able to sell some of your work. You make great mugs! So glad you get to do a little traveling.
    The pictures of yourself on fb are so adorable. You are looking cute and healthy!

    1. Thank you! I am having fun with the mugs and I love to do a little traveling. I'm feeling good about myself these days and I think it shows.