Monday, September 26, 2022

The Party

My cousins, a friend, and I rented a spot to set up a booth at the Naples Grape Festival. It was kind of like going to a big party. There were lots of people, tons of food, and so many things for sale. (We discovered food sells best.)

I didn't sell much, maybe one of my people, but it was a beautiful Saturday to be out with people I love. We could have stayed for Sunday's festival too, but the forecast called for rain all day long, so we made a last minute decision to pack it up. It turned out to be a good choice. It rained and rained. 

Exhaustion and dehydration took over sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning. I struggled with a headache all night long and a queasy stomach in the early morning hours. By 7:30 am I had decided I needed to pack up my things and go home. I'm thinking there was something in the Airbnb the didn't agree with my system. That combined with being tired and dehydrated made me sick. I couldn't even eat pretzels without my stomach turning. At 8 o'clock I climbed into my car and headed for home, stopping to sleep at a Thruway rest stop along the way.

I took today off to recover and sleep on the remainder of my headache. I learned several good lessons this weekend...
1. Don't go into a big weekend already thoroughly exhausted.
2. Stay hydrated even if it means using someone else's bathroom or a porta-potty .
3. Eat healthy. Always. (Carrots, mini cucumbers, nuts, water...)
4. Leave enough room next to your table full of wares for a chair, and talk to people who stop by.
5. Don't sell your heart for a song.
6. Take the following Monday off just because, not because you have to.
All in all it was a wonderful weekend. My son had a 45 minute slot to sing at the Festival and we were positioned close enough that it was just a short walk to get there. I am abundantly grateful and blessed.


  1. Except for your bad tummy ache, it sounds like a wonderful day and party.

  2. Hi Martha, I am sorry you got dehydrated and ill (it sounds like what happens to me a lot.) Your people are beautiful, wish I could buy one! Such a pleasure to be able to see your son perform and you must feel proud. Both my sons play guitar and sing too. I love it.

    1. Hello, Patricia! I should know better, but every once in a while I let it happen again. Maybe one day I will learn. Ha ha! I am feeling better tonight. I am proud to see my son excel at what he loves. He's making new friends and being encouraged and that warms this mom's heart. As for my people, thank you. Each one is a little piece of my heart.

  3. It warms my heart that you had this weekend with friends and family. Sorry you felt sick but that you are better now. Your rules for the day sound pretty good and are great reminders.
    Fantastic that your son got to be a headliner at the event and that you were able to listen to him perform.
    oh yes...I absolutely love your clay people...

    1. I love my people too. That is why I won't sell them for a song. I was grateful for the weekend and I'm so thankful for my cousins.