Sunday, July 19, 2020

Reading a Book, or Two

In my younger days I loved to read. I devoured chapter books, and then I had children, which leaves little uninterrupted time to concentrate on reading. In my adult years I read more non fiction, but when my eyesight began to deteriorate I found it too much work, not to mention a headache. Literally. However, in recent years I have acquired a small library of deep, informational reading. It's been a time of growth and exploration.

Two different friends introduced me to the books I am currently reading and digesting, both of them books I likely wouldn't have given a second glace ten years ago. Today I find them both fascinating and encouraging. I only wish I was better at retaining and relating the contents.

Both books are written by Christians and full of scripture, and yet they give a perspective unheard of in my youth. I never expected to find myself divorced. It was never an option in my opinion, and yet here I am and I pushed it through. I have a new understanding of a subject I honestly knew little about. I was probably a bit judgemental. Oh, how things change! And oh, how Jesus comes to rescue the broken.

I've not gone off the deep end, I promise. The second book is also full of wonder and encouragement. God is beyond understanding and His ways past finding out. This book isn't written to dampen faith in God, but to grow us in wonder. I am amazed to see the scriptures come alive in an entirely new way. I only hope my eyes and concentration hold out until I finish reading.


  1. Different stages in each of our lives helps us learn in new ways and about new things.
    Very interested in your second book. I have to admit the title is a bit surprising. I'm anxious to find out more about it.
    And I am so happy for you that God is healing your brokenness.
    Hope this is a fantastic week for you.

    1. I was a little taken back when first introduced, but I purposed to take a listen and found myself curious. Now I am more than intrigued. We have an incredible God.

  2. Looks like to very good and thought provoking books. I may have to check out the second one. Right now, I'm going back over a Bible Study I did a few years ago called "BEHOLD YOUR GOD"...basically looking at God and realizing it's all about GOD not about me. When I get it in the right order, then everything about me makes sense.
    I too love to read. I often enjoyed Francine Rivers Novels.

    1. The second book is quite intriguing. It took me by surprise, but I am open to seeing new things, and God is always putting new things on our plates, isn't He? It really is all about Him.
      Perhaps one day I'll settle down enough to read a novel.