Saturday, July 01, 2017

Playing in the Mud

If you check out "my complete profile" you just may find, at the bottom of the page, a question Blogger posed to me way back when blogging was fresh and new to my world. And then, of course, my answer.

If mud is dirt plus water, what is clay?
An endless possibility! I can't wait to get started.

I already had that 50 pounds of clay when I started my blogging adventure and every once in a while I am inspired to take it out. (This typically happens when I am taking a ceramics class...) Yesterday I sat down for a bit and got my hands dirty playing. Somewhere in that pile of "children" is a parent figure. She's somewhat buried... This happens in parenting.

The poor caretaker in my sculpture has been swallowed up. If I am honest, I don't know quite how I feel about that. I really wanted her to be more visible and still have seven children...

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