Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday's Treasures

My grandchildren love treasures. Rocks. Feathers. Sticks. They are always collecting treasures of one kind or another. This assortment is from early June. Various leaves, flowers, and chicken feathers.

On Thursday I walked around the back of Barn 3 and found some new collections growing. Rocks (they love rocks) and chicken feathers (which they also love) on a concrete block table.

Beside the concrete block on the slab behind the barn was another collection. This one included rocks and bird nests.

I'm starting to love their collections. Perhaps a trip to the beach or the woods is in our future, and I think I'll bring an ample supply of Ziplock bags.

A collection of Tuesday's Treasures can be found at Tom's.


  1. Grandkids are all the same, collecting the treasures of nature are important activities.What sweet treasures, Martha. Thanks so much, stop back again.

    1. Yes, I am blessed to see this little tribe do more than watch TV and play video games. They are tanned by the sun and spend the majority of their time playing outside.