Friday, October 21, 2011

Miss Organized

I think it highly unlikely I shall ever find myself organized. It isn't that I don't try. It's partly that I give up too easily and partly that in order to become truly organized, I must also instill a sense of organization into the other occupants and users of my home. Either that or I must throw out three quarters of our belongings. (Now that might be an idea...)

I truly love organizational ideas. I like bins and boxes, closets and crates, shelves and shoe boxes. And, once in a great while I come upon an idea that actually works. Years back I purchased three large, round tubs at Walmart to sort our dirty clothes and keep them from being dropped on the basement floor. They were wonderful! Now I am liking the pressure rod in my laundry room and finding the shower caddy great for holding my laundry supplies. Now if only I could organize the computer room.


  1. I love storage stuff like bins!! Great idea for the laundry room!

  2. I like this idea too. They look so nice hanging up there!