Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ABC Wednesday- Letter E

E is for Eddie and Eddie.

These are my mother's parents, the grandparents I never had the chance to know. Her name was Edna and his Edward. They met at Christian Endeavor and were married sometime in the 1920's. She had been an only child, and he one of six. Together they had four children, three little girls and a boy.

I know little about my grandma except that she was a well behaved child who seldom needed discipline. She was not only an only child, but had no first cousins either. She owned a copy of the book "The Poor Little Rich Girl" and Mom often thought it may have personified her mother. When she died at the age of 33, she left behind a well worn and marked Bible.

Grandpa raised his four children with the help of extended family. His own mother moved in to the little house and the children were surrounded by aunts, uncles, and cousins who lived in the same neighborhood. Grandpa was a practical joker and people watcher. He loved his children and was a strict disciplinarian. Though stories about her momma, who died when Mom was just five, are few, many are the stories she has told about her dad. He loved onion sandwiches, and used to feed me tiny bits of mustard or pickle juice on the tip of a spoon when I was a baby and laugh at the funny faces I made. Grandpa died of a heart attack when I was just 20 months old.

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Imagine my surprise when I won a Blog of Note award for last week's entry! Thank you everyone!


  1. Wonderful pictures and so cute that they had the same name! Your mom looks like her mom! :)

  2. Oooo, an award!

    I like the family theme. :)

  3. Congrats on the award for last week's post. This one is wonderful too. I adore old photos and these 2 Eddies look mighty happy together.

  4. Wonderful picture and story for "E". Martha, I haven't heard "Christian Endeavor" for years.... that pricks a memory.

    Congratulations on your well deserved award.

  5. Wow...your mom does look just like your Grandma! I really enjoy seeing all your family resemblances in the pictures you post...quite remarkable! Congrats on the award...well deserved! Pam

  6. Interesting. And kinda weird for me.
    My maternal grandmother had a brother named Edward. He was a surrogate father for my mother after her father left (long story).
    But when I was a kid, he "took up with" a woman named Edna, out of wedlock (!) and my grandma forbade my adult mother from seeing him, so he was this shadowy figure in my life until he died in 1970. My recollection is of my grandma and edna crying on each other's shoulders at ed's funeral, and Edna dying a couple years later.

    Sorry to go on like that.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. This is a lovely post. I like hear about families and previous generations. Your grandmother had what I would consider an isolated life. And to die aged 33 ... how tough. Thank you so much for telling their story and for the photographs that you have included as well. Much appreciated.

  8. Beautiful! And what a fun story to read. How cool about the 2 E's...very fun!

  9. Some day we will meet them in person.

  10. Congratulations Martha for winning last week. I always like what you share about your family. I think that is why I love photos because it reminds us of our beloved who've been away for good. Thanks for sharing!
    ABC Wednesday~E

  11. Eddie and Eddie - cute! And a great, beautifully written post about them - thanks

  12. Thank you to all. It has been fun being a part of ABC Wednesday this time around.

    Roger, how funny that you had two Eddies in your past also. Thanks for sharing your story too.

    Wanda, my parents also went to Christian Endeavor, or at least my dad did.

  13. I'm glad you linked this. Very interesting post.