Friday, July 01, 2011

New Things Unfolding

It's Friday and the week is almost done. Emma has come to visit me thrice and I have enjoyed having her here. I'm missing my other little ones, but such is the way of life when one is a caretaker. It doesn't last forever and one day the little ones I loved and cared for will no longer know me, and that is okay, because God knows each of one of them and they are in His care.

This coming week will bring a flurry of activity. My son Jim will be in town for several days and James' mom will also be coming for a visit. There will be a July 4th picnic at the park with Uncle Chuck and quite possibly a new baby will make its appearance. Maybe we will get a "whole family" photo if we can possible get everyone in the same place for a few minutes. I think I might need to replenish my coffee supply in order to keep up with the rush!

Summer is here!


  1. Yeah!!!!! I am very excited for you by all of this fun stuff. Looking forward to meeting "surreal baby."

  2. Sounds like a great family holiday.

    We have a local 4th of July parade that we will enjoy!

  3. Oh, I think a family picture is a great idea!! I hope the new baby makes his/her appearance for the picnic, too!

  4. I hope you get that family picture! Enjoy! Yes, drink more coffee! ha.

  5. I have been drinking so much coffee I need to have my teeth cleaned to get the stains off!

    Glad you will have Jim "home" for a few days, and new baby stuff sounds great, hope Uncle Chuck is feeling good also! love ya, judi