Saturday, July 09, 2011

Little Miss No-Name

This little boy was enthralled with the tiny baby we found at the hospital this morning. He watched with great interest as the nurse changed her diaper and wrapped her in a blanket. "I want to hold him," he said.

He was very gentle as he looked into her little face and touched her soft baby head. What a sweet moment we witnessed as Lucas met his little sister for the very first time. The moment will be all too quickly forgotten in the sands of time, but here it is, captured, if only for a little while.

Simon wasn't quite sure what to think of the baby, but he did like the Oreo Cookies his mommy had on the night stand, and he did take a quick look at the tiny bundle before wandering off to hide in the divider curtain.

Life will never be the same again. I'm thinking it's time for this Grammy to buy a zoo membership. This little family is facing some long and tiring days. I think maybe a few trips to the zoo with Grammy and Aunt Hannah are in order.


  1. Martha, I was away all day and am just now home and am so excited about the baby!!!! A girl to love!!! Yippee!! That picture of Lucas holding his baby sister for the first time just brings tears to my eyes. Absolutely precious. Do you think he will remember how much he loved her and how gentle he was with her in a little bit of time when she is on his nerves? ;-) Enjoy your new baby!!

  2. I don't think he will remember, but I hope he'll still love her. What a great way to end a wild and crazy week!

  3. Those first meetings are so sweet. I'm so glad I have our boys first meeting in a photo. It's one of my favorites!

  4. Well, here goes the water works again... so touching. Sniff..

  5. Priceless pictures for the family album.

    You captures the "moment"