Monday, July 11, 2011

The Taste of Toes and Dropped Batons

I somehow keep finding my foot in my mouth and it doesn't seem to make much difference whether I actually say something or neglect to. With all the excitement and activity, I forgot, or should I say "everybody forgot," to call my Aunt Margie and tell her about the baby. She appeared rather hurt this evening when she found out three days past the grand event. Unfortunately, this is the second family happening she has been left out of in the past couple of weeks.

The "passing of the baton" has all kinds of repercussions as no one is absolutely certain exactly which baton they are holding. It seems I am responsible for several and I hardly knew how to juggle those I was holding just a few years back. I've dropped a baton or two lately and been conked in the head with a few others. (I'm not entirely sure who threw them...)

In spite of dropped batons and the taste of toes, I am having a wonderful time with my favorite mother in law. She brings an excitement and exuberance often lacking in our days and reminds me that growing older doesn't necessarily mean a rocking chair on the back porch and crossword puzzles. She is never without one of her cameras, continually capturing the world around her and those she loves. The house will be terribly quiet when she is gone next week.


  1. Oh dear. I hope the sorry feelings disapate quickly. You have so many in your family I don't know how you keep it straight anyway!

    love the photo

    and yes, that MIL looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Oh Martha...It's awful when you are trying to keep all the plates spinning...

    I had a similar incident, forgetting doesn't feel good, but that person should be forgiving don't you think.

    Love the picture of your MIL

  3. Juggling those batons is s difficut! I am sorry there are more hurt feelings:-(

    I am so glad your MIL stayed and got to see Aubrey!!!

  4. Oops! I guess I'm just as guilty as you are...but I didn't know until she was 2 days old because YOU didn't call me and tell me when we were at Niagara on the Lake. ;) Just teasing, I didn't really expect anyone to call me.

    Your Mom in law seems like lots of fun.