Tuesday, July 05, 2011

All Too Crazy

It has been a crazy past few days. We are pooped. (That means tired... not the other thing.)

Friday was eventful to say the least... Ben's girlfriend dumped him, and Bethany's dog took off for an overnight romp in the orchards.

Saturday morning James, Hannah, and I drove to Schenectedy to meet and pick up Grandmanita. Beautiful day, wonderful meeting. Molly Dog showed up back at our house, from whence she disappeared, at 5 pm covered with swamp water. Oh, and Jim came home too.

Sunday Hannah and I went to Sunday school, James and Ben went grocery shopping, and most of the family came over to visit for the afternoon and stay for dinner.

Yesterday was the 4th of July. There was a picnic at the park in Penn Yan with Uncle Chuck. It's an hour and a half away. We no sooner got there then we had to turn around and drive an hour back the other direction to help a son who had some trouble with the Long Arm of the Law, and his passengers. Once we had him out of the slammer, we headed back to the picnic where we had deposited my mother, Bethany and Josh.

Today we were too tired to do much of anything, but in spite of that James and I went out this afternoon to run some errands. There is so much more to be done but Grandmanita's friend wants to start back for home on Thursday morning instead of Saturday or Sunday. We haven't even had our grandbaby yet! She can't leave!!! We haven't had our family dinner!!! Shoot! We haven't even gotten all our kids in one place this week. Blah!


  1. Oh my goodness, Martha, I am exhausted just reading this post!! Grandmanita needs to stay longer!!!!

  2. I say hide Grandmanita's luggage so they can't leave. lol...

    What an adventure! Shaking my head and laughing the whole read. :)

  3. You guys sure have been busy! I agree Grammanita cannot leave, that baby will come as soon as she's gone, and then she'll be sad she missed it.

  4. It's the running consensus, she must stay and stop putting up a fuss about "affording it".

  5. Oh Martha...what a day or two or three..

    I'm so tired just reading your post.

    What a cute grandma. I remember seeing her on Skype when Bethany was here.

  6. And now, Wanda, you get to see them together. :)

  7. I will pitch in to help gramanita to stay longer. The month we had her here a year and a half ago was such a blessing. Give here lots of hugs and kisses for me!

  8. Annie, you are a sweetheart.
    I figure if you all could figure out a way to keep her longer, we ought to be able to too.

  9. Wow Martha, I'll be praying for you!