Friday, July 25, 2008

We Like Sheep

Last night James and I took a ride just a little south of here. We went to look at some used fencing and also a walnut tree that had fallen in a sheep pasture. The fencing is for our back yard. Not only will it help keep my dogs (and children) confined, but it will seperate my backyard from from My Darling's work area. We are hoping to move "Hannah's Place" up closer to the house where the kids can enjoy it in a safer more visible location.

The tree laying on the ground in the first photo is one that My Darling will be milling up sometime in the next month. It is laying in the sheep pasture of an area Bed and Breakfast. The sheep were fascinating. They don't know us and put up quite the racket as they ran across the yard to a "safer" spot. I think I just may look into visiting this place as a field trip someday. Baaaah!


  1. Too funny. On Wednesday i drove by a pasture full of sheep and I was sorry that I didn't have my camera. They looked so cool on the hillside.

  2. Ooo! Sheep! I love sheep! They are so warm and fuzzy looking! And walnuts trees! I love them too!

  3. If you have ever touched one, you will find that they are also very oily feeling.

  4. I was reading Pricilla's comment about the oily feeing, and wondered if that's because the Shepard just anointed their head with oil....

    Just kidding, I was reading Psm. 23 this week... (smile)

  5. That's why I said "warm and fuzzy looking"! I know they really feel kinda gross. And I like Wanda's retort! She was really thinking.

    Mom, I really LOVE your new banner. It is very special, especially cause home is where the heart is and it makes home seem all the more wonderful.