Friday, July 11, 2008

Sodus Point

Wednesday night I lay in the darkness of my bedroom listening to the wind rustling the leaves outside the window. A cool breeze brought in fresh air and yesterday was clear and bright. I decided to "get off my rocker" and take the girls, Hannah, Alysa, and Shelly's daughter, Jessi for a ride to the Sodus Point lighthouse museum. On the way out we stopped to pick up Bethany and Josh.

It was a gorgeous day, one where the sun shines bright and the breeze blows not quite cold, but almost. The wind blew the water into choppy little waves and splashed it against the pier. I felt the urge to sit down on the shore and watch the water, the seagulls, and the people on the distant beach. Out over the water I could just make out two stacks from the Oswego Power Plant and to the left of them a giant stack and cloud of steam, the Nine Mile Point Nuclear Power Station. I pointed it out to Bethany, "That's where Ben is," I said. "HI BEN!" she shouted. We jumped up and down and waved.
After our tour of the Lighthouse, where we all climbed the 52 steps to the top, we stopped down at the beach. No one was in the water on the lake side as the lake was a little rough, but there were several people on the beach including a group or two of children on some kind of outing, and another testing the water on the bay side. Alysa and I thought it would be fun to look for shells and beach glass, but Josh's stroller doesn't roll in sand and we hadn't yet eaten lunch. We decided to return another day and search the beach for treasure.


  1. Sounds like a fun little outing. It sure was a beautiful day!

  2. yeah, you got of your rocker right nice. Looking good grandma. That walking in sand is good for your legs. I had to smile at the stroller bit, Carl's walker doesn't do well in sand either. :)

  3. Nice photos of a fun day!

  4. I think I took my Mom and Dad there once when they came to visit. It was very nice. You are doing such a great job getting out and about during this summer.

    As for the stroller in the sand, I bring a sled to the beach and that is how we move Davin around. Josh might like a sled ride on the sand!!

  5. You had a great outing, and I got a surprise trip to the beach today.

    Trying to catch up....