Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Little Bit of Space

It has been a long day... kind of.
It started out with a pain in my neck and a little bit of Benadryl and ended up with me feeling spacier than a moon crater. I expect to sleep well tonight and have a better day tomorrow.


  1. May I add my best wishes for a speedy recovery and hope that you do feel back on top of your game tomorrow.

  2. "spacier than a moon crater"????

  3. Sorry you're under the weather. Pain is pain and not fun for anyone.

    Of course, Josh is adorable and must ease any kind of pain just looking at him.

  4. Pain is such a pain.
    Hope tomorrow is better for you.

  5. "spacier than a moon crater"...that's how I feel just about every day. I always tell my kids that I used to be a lot smarter.