Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Little Cheese...

"Would you like a little cheese with that whine?"

I honestly wasn't looking for sympathy with yesterday's post. I was just having a hard time keeping my eyes open. It was an unusual occurance as I don't normally have an impossible time waking up in the morning. Sleepy is not so bad if you can shake it off, I just couldn't shake it yesterday. I almost wondered if I somehow woke up "wrong" and needed to go back to sleep and try waking up all over. At any rate, today I am awake... now that I have had my nap :)
Lately I have been pulling weeds out of my flower gardens. I pulled a cartful Tuesday night... Hmmm, maybe that has something to do with my sleepiness... and I think we could pull out a few more wagon loads besides. My gardens are pretty sad this year and somehow don't have the same allure for me as last year. What's there is pretty, but it feels like something is missing too. Maybe its because I didn't fill in the empty spots with those happy little marigolds and petunias. Whatever it is, I am planning on looking into a solution.


  1. Happy gardens dear Mommy, happy gardens to you!

  2. :) Check. Don't allergies make you sleepy??

  3. Do I whine? Eveeerybody says I whiine, but I don't I?

  4. LOL, Rachel. I remember you and Debbie F with that one!

    I'm trying to figure out my "gardens"...if you can call them that. My petunias are not doing well. I think they are not getting enough sun.

    Glad to hear you are doing better.

  5. We both posted a sunflower today!!

    Glad you're feeling better.