Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Summer Daze

When the calandar reads July I know that summer is officially here. I have two months (or nine weeks) to enjoy as many school-free, fun-filled days as possible. I'm looking forward to plenty of picnics, pool parties, sleepouts and campfires. We have a Cousin Camp to consider and daytrips to dream of. There will be sunshine to soak up and rainstorms to dance in.

Nathan is leaving for El Salvador early Saturday morning and Ben is heading off to camp Sunday afternoon. Hannah goes to camp the following week and comes home on her thirteenth birthday. Aside from picking blueberries, this is about as far as my summer plans go. I have plenty of ideas but am uncertain if they will ever come to fruition. Either way I plan to enjoy these next couple of months.


  1. Oh is that potato salad??? I made some today... Potato Salad and Summer.

  2. Hi Martha,

    Well I have been up since 3:30 AM trying to get caught up. It is now almost 7:00 AM and I open your page to see what you have been doing and I see food. Now my belly is goading me to find food. I don't need it yet but I am about to panic.

    I like your photography and think your writing is pretty nice to read too.

    Abraham Lincoln
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  3. Those sound like great summer plans. (Especially the picking blueberries part!) That meal looks yummy! A perfect fouth of July picnic meal. :)

  4. Oh yes salads forget the chicken and just give me the salads!
    Looking forward to see what you do, I know Nova Scotia is a stretch but I have my fingers crossed. :)