Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Dead Letter Office

I've started posts a couple of times but they didn't make it to the Publishing House. They're hanging out as drafts instead. It's kind of like the Dead Letter Office.


* I ran into two friends a couple weekends ago. One at Wegmans and another at the lake. Big hugs. Love running into friends! Also ran into a once-upon-a-time friend who doesn't like me anymore. I gave her a smile and a quick wave, and realized that for the first time in a few years I didn't want to hide when I saw her. I'd call that a win.

* Spend a Sunday with my daughter Bethany and my grand- daughter Jillian. We went to breakfast at Simply Crepes and then for a long walk on the Genesee River Boardwalk from Turning Point Park almost to the Port of Rochester. Very cool!

* Caffeine headache last Friday. Those things are killers! 

* Stayed home from my Man Hater's Pottery group Friday night and hung out with my grandsons while Hannah and Sergio went out to get a new couch. It was a beautiful, relaxed evening.

That's the short version of the never to be published posts. Pictures from our a week ago Sunday walk.


  1. ...the Genesee River Boardwalk is one of Rochester's hidden gems.

    1. It is absolutely wonderful! A little piece of paradise.