Sunday, April 11, 2021

My Sleepy Little Life

I don't have much to say this afternoon. I took a ride to Williamson yesterday and then went back to Webster Park, because it's still my favorite spot to relax. Searched for beach glass, watched some people, took some pictures. The lake levels are very low this spring. No flooding. Such variety from year to year!


I'm enjoying the longer days and gorgeous spring weather as much as possible. I've taken some fabulous naps in my car during my lunch breaks and soaked in the warm, sun-filled  drives home after work. I'm back to a somewhat normal schedule of  7:15 am to 4:15 pm. Enjoying the toddlers in the morning and the babies in the afternoon, and loving my time in the kitchen too.

It's time to firm up my summer vacation plans. I need to make a reservation or two. I'm pretty excited.

(Pictures from my stop at the lake yesterday,)


  1. Love the rock towers and your days activities.
    Snoozing in the warm car sounds like just what the doctor ordered.
    Hope this week goes well for you and you get lots of love and snuggles from the kiddos.

    1. It's starting out lovely! Even though it was dark, dreary, and rainy most of the day. I still took a snooze in my car and got lots of hugs from my little friends.

  2. That log looks very much like the one my son dragged home with him on Monday.