Saturday, April 17, 2021

Making Plans and Buying Tickets

 Last Sunday I went to visit my friend Laurie, who like me, is planning a vacation. Her plans were take her through NY State to Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Then she will circle around and come back through the same states on a different route. The fun piece is that she will actually be visiting the same area as me, but at a different time, and my plans will take me to a specific destination. 

There will be mountains, rivers, train rides, and hiking. I can go shopping, take myself out to eat, or enjoy the comfort of the mountain farmhouse on a rainy day. I expect to renew old acquaintances and make new friends, and quite possibly take a walk down memory lane or hear some old stories about my own family that I may have never heard before.

This morning I purchased a ticket for the Mount Washington Cog Railway. It's been 50 years since I rode up the mountain on the Auto Road. I can't remember all of it, of course, but I do recall passing the timber line and the white-knuckle ride back down, with Mr. Cooper pumping the brakes the entire way. Small children very quickly pick up on the danger of a situation, and I was terrified. The railway looked like a much safer option to me and I finally have plans to make it happen.

So far this is a solo vacation. My sisters are unable to make the trip and I haven't yet decided if I want to take anyone else. Some days I wish for a friend along on a few of the activities, like zip lining (not sure I want to do that alone...), and other times I like the idea of having the time and ability to decide for myself. Either way I have time to decide. It's too bad that Laurie is going three weeks before me or we could have met up somewhere along the way. Who knows? Maybe I have another friend who might be passing through at the end of June...


  1.'s perhap 60 years I was on the Mount Washington Cog Railway. Have a safe and fun trip.

    1. I am really excited about riding the railway. It's going to be great.