Thursday, March 17, 2016

Fit Bitten

I'm finding that Fitbit actually is an incentive. I got off the couch today and went out for a walk. Back to Webster and North Ponds Park. The sun was bright and the path dry. Two more loops around the park. Maybe next time I'll make it three.

I call these Fluff Twuff Weeds because I like Dr, Seuss.

More dog walkers. I might need to find a dog myself if I keep going here.

Not everyone was walking. Some were sitting still and talking.

Just two of way too many. They were kind today.

I do love orchard walks, but not alone. Orchard walks require a friend and I was walking alone again today. The drive to Webster for a safer place to walk is worth taking. Supposed to snow tomorrow. *sigh* Good thing I have mittens.


  1. I got a Fitbit for my birthday! I love it!
    Linda :o)

  2. They definitely give incentive to move. I love mine, and I love that you have one now too!

    1. Me too. And I love that you want to walk with me.

  3. Good job on walking again! A few days ago my husband actually suggested we start walking. Gasp! :-) I hope we can keep going with it too.

  4. these "Fluff Twuff Weeds" are Phragmites:

    it's any awful thing