Saturday, August 18, 2012

Visiting Erie

Our trip to Erie, Pennsy- lvania was somewhat of a whirl- wind tour as I am finding it a little tough to get away for anymore than a day or two at a time, but Hannah and I did make it there and back. On Thursday evening our friend Pat took us out on the peninsula and I forgot my camera. If I ever get back to Erie and have some time, I will have to walk the beaches of Presque Isle, check out the lighthouses, and take some pictures of those very cool and unique "houseboats" on Horseshoe Pond.

On Friday, which was just yesterday but somehow feels much longer ago, we visited the Maritime Museum and toured the Flagship Niagara. I learned a little bit more about the War of 1812, and dreamed of another Day Sail on a Tall Ship. I think perhaps Hannah is not as thrilled with old ships as her mother, but maybe she just needs a Day Sail to give her a little inspiration. Then again, it could be that she will never have an inkling of desire to sail off into the sunset. I think it sounds absolutely romantic, a wonderful dream. :)

After our museum tour, we stopped at a lovely little restaurant called Puffer- belly. The building is an old fire station and still had the fireman's pole from the second floor down to the ground and is decorated with memorabilia. There is even a large fireman's net hanging on the back wall. Just aim for the red spot in the center of the canvas and jump! Oh, yeah, Hannah had the quesadilla. Mm, mm, good! I had Southwest Chicken Pizza and it was good too.

We had just enough time after lunch to check out Liberty Park over- looking the bay and across to Presque Isle. It was a quiet day at the park and, aside from a few seagulls and a boat or two on the bay, we were alone. Too bad we didn't have a bit longer to stay. We could have taken the Aquabus across to the peninsula.


  1. Looks like a beautiful outing, Martha. Yummy, too.
    Glad you are getting little jaunts away. :)

  2. Hey, Stacy! I saw your little one this morning and waved to her. :)

  3. What a lovely time! I could look at water, clouds and boats all day long!