Monday, August 29, 2011

A Pretty Breakfast

Breakfast was plain and fancy. Plain old Rice Chex dressed up for a party. They were wearing fresh peaches and blueberries, and were decorated with slivered almonds. Yes, breakfast was especially pretty today.

Other gifts to thank Him for...

1785. Blackberries in the hedgerow
1796. Thunder in the distance
1814. Bug on goldenrod
1817. Cattails tall
1819. Basketful of peaches
1821. Early morning sunshine
1822. Soccer-fields full of colored T-shirts
1832. Wild wind swishing leaves outside my bedroom window

1843. A friend who encouraged me to visit The Holy Experience this morning where I found this... "What if all our running around is only our trying to run away from God — the great I AM, present in the present moment?
What if I woke to now and refused to hurry because I didn’t want to refuse God?"

Thank you, Deb. I did clean my house, but I wasn't in a hurry, and God was good. He was here the whole time.


  1. This is the most inspirational post in a long time.. well to me it is.
    thanks again for keeping me lookin' up. love you.

  2. Love you too, Judi!

    Thanks, Betsy. Breakfast was so good I had it again today.