Friday, August 12, 2011

Everyday Challenges

Every day brings a new challenge. It also brings new gifts and opportunities. Yesterday I had the chance to cuddle my little granddaughter. What a blessing to hold this new little life in my arms and watch her sleep. What a gift to place her in the arms of her great grandma and watch my mother kiss that soft baby head just like I have seen her do with countless babies before. It was bittersweet to watch this woman who cared so tenderly for me and so many others, and know that her days of taking care of babies and children are over.

I'm not sure exactly what has happened to my own days of caring for babies and small children. The start of school is just a few weeks off and so far I have but one lone flower in the garden, one who will get on the school bus and be gone for the entire day. What does God have for me this year? It is another exercise in trust and patience.


  1. Wow...that little girl is beautiful! Aww...sweet photos.

    Maybe a little more rest and quieter schedule is in store for you this year. :) I hope so, anyway!

  2. Maybe, though I found the little ones to be a great distraction and also a wonderful way to bring a bit of purpose to otherwise boring days.
    I miss them.

  3. Those are beautiful pictures, Martha. ♥

    I wish you lived closer! :)

  4. Me too, Stacy, but at least you don't live on the other side of the country. :)

    Maybe I'll see you at soccer.

  5. Just precious. She is adorable.

    Martha...I'll bet God is planning something for you in those empty days.....!

    We have taken an active role in the care of Aunt Trula next door, and this is certainly filling some empty retirement hours for us. We love her like our own mother, so we are loving helping her kids out who all live to far away to come every day. So we make sure she eats, and takes her meds.

    I love the twist and turn in this journey called life!!

  6. Atleast you don't ned to worry about exceeding your limit.