Tuesday, October 31, 2006


As much as I love fall, I am always glad when Halloween is over and done with. When I was a little girl, we dressed up (sometimes even as witches or ghosts) and went door to door to collect candy. We carved pumpkins and enjoyed all the excitement of the season, including constructing our own haunted houses. However, as a teen and young adult, I began to see Halloween in a different way. There is always an obsession with death and gore surrounding this time of year. We decided we wanted something different for our kids and so never began the regular Halloween traditions.

In years past we have spent the evening of October 31st in a variety of ways. We have attended various church harvest parties, carved pumpkins at Grandma's, or stayed at home with a movie and popcorn. Sometimes we handed out candy and sometimes we turned off the lights and pretended we weren't home. Living out here on a country road we don't get many Trick-or-Treaters knocking at our door. Tonight I will probably take the kids to church were they are playing games and having treats. Tomorrow it will be November and instead of scary things, the stores will be full of Christmas decorations. Do you ever wonder what happened to Thanksgiving?


  1. I don't ever remember us dressing up as witches or ghosts. I do remember dressing up as a hobo or a scarecrow. I guess those were easy costumes to do. I am with you on the Halloween thing. It sounds like we have done the same thing as you guys.
    And what has happened to Thanksgiving? I think an awful lot is taken for granted nowadays. If people are rejecting God then who do they have to be thankful to?

  2. I was a ghost one year.

  3. ...neither were they thankful...
    Romans 1:21

  4. When did we start skipping over thanksgiving? I don't remember when that happened. I never dressed as anything scary as a kid. Now that I am grown I don't decorate for halloween but I do for fall. We don't pass out candy either. It is expensive on a fixed income. now I have to replace my scarecrow as someone came right to the front door and took him!

  5. Maybe it's because Thanksgiving is about someone other than "me" that it has become diminished. Thinking of God and thanking Him for all we have is not something most people want to do. It seems we would rather forget all He has done for us and take the credit ourselves.