Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Today is February 1st. I'm not sure what happened to January, I know it was supposed to have been here but I must have missed it as I hardly noticed it being around. Isn't January that month of cold, blowing snow when, like it or not, we must bundle up in layers of heavy clothing just to do something as simple as check the mailbox? Isn't it that month when we send our boys off to the neighbor's houses to find driveway shoveling jobs, when we decide not to venture out on the roads because we aren't even sure where the road is? No, I think January skipped us this year because all I remember this past month is mostly gray skies and rainy weather, a little more like April. I'm still not sure whether to be greatful for such a mild winter, if you can call it that, or to think that maybe January is still lurking around the corner, ready to pounce on us round about say... May.


  1. NOOOOOO!!!! Don't even THINK it! January just decided to go easy on us this year. :) Unfortunately we still have March to go through! And we all know how March can be....

  2. Trying to find out if it's still February...