Thursday, February 02, 2006

Another Amazing Day!

Another Amazing Day!

The sun is shining today, a great day to take a walk, I think. This morning I went to the drug store for some supplies to de-skunk my dog, hydogen peroxide, baking soda, and rubber gloves. She really needed to be cleaned up after her encounter with a skunk last night. She was pretty smelly so needless to say, she spent the night outside and was a little bit cold this morning. She doesn't have a whole lot of hair to keep her warm. While the boys were stacking firewood, Hannah and I gave Jasmine a bath in the tub. It wasn't too bad actually, I'm sure she toned down a bit through the night, and now she is sleeping contentedly in front of the woodstove. I hope she learned her lesson. (Now she is having a dream and wimpering in her sleep. She's probably having a nightmare about skunks!)

Anyway, I am thinking that maybe this will be a good day to pull out my clay and either do some sculpting or throw something on the wheel. I haven't spent any time working with my clay lately but now that we have our kiln working, I really should get something done. Besides, once I get going, I really love it.

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  1. Wow! Jasmine got skunked?!? Everything exciting happens after I get married and move out.