Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Thirteen Things About My Kids

1. There are nine of them. Seven were born to us and the other two belong to us by marriage. We have Jim 3, Dave and Leta, Bethany and Adam, Josiah, Nathan, Benjamin, and Hannah. Wow! That’s a bunch of kids!
2. All of our kids live within 20 miles of us, so far. Although Jim went to college in Florida, he is now living and working nearby. That’s always nice. They can come visit us whenever they feel like it.
3. They are full of artisitic and musical talent. They play piano and guitar, sing and write songs, and tap and pound their feet constantly. They draw, design, build, and create. Now not everybody does all of these things, but they are a talented bunch anyway.
4. They are all going to Calvary Chapel where we have been attending for about the last three years. It’s great to see them all have a desire to know and serve the Lord. We pray they will continue to grow and be drawn closer and closer to Him.
5. The only two kids with brown eyes are the ones who have married our own children. The otehr all have blue or green eyes.
6. We had five boys born to us and two girls. Our second child, a son, is married and also our third, a daughter. The others, with the exception of our firstborn, aren’t old enough to get married anyway. (No, Joe. Eighteen is NOT old enough to get married!)
7. Most of them are messies. It is a tough job trying to get them to keep their rooms clean.
8. They love to watch me type on the computer and fix all my typos. They laugh because I mess up so much and write things like”tehm”, “teh”, misical, and “apratments”.Good thing I have all these living spell-checkers or I could send out some pretty embrassering stuff!
9. What else... hmmm... They write as crazy as I do. It’s just that I’m not usually watching them. (Right, Nate?) (Yep.)
10. They are all comedians. At least I think they are funny. James, my dear husband, often fails to see the humor in their words and actions. He is, of course, wiser than I as I would have a bunch of very foolish and uncontrollable kids on my hands if it were not for his intervention. We are working hard to turn them into decent law abiding citizens, with a healthy respect for their fellow human beings.
11. Wow, I’m up to eleven. This is getting to be a challange. Smart! They are all stunningly brilliant! They are so intelligent that they are almost as smart as their mom, but not quite.
12. They are couch potatoes. Just turn on the TV and put a video in the VCR and you’ll see what I mean. (No, Ben, you can’t watch “Larry Boy” again today.)
13. They were all born in New York state except for Jim 3 who was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


  1. You have a great family, great kids! Very nice to see them all together.

  2. Thank you. I love having them all over at once!